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At what age do kids supposed to have their MMR in the UK

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MoggyMummy Mon 07-Mar-05 16:19:30


My DS (now 2.5) was born in Canada and he got the first lot of MMR when he was one years old. At what age do kids get the next MMR in the UK?

Thanks in advance

pixiefish Mon 07-Mar-05 16:21:19

my dd has just received the letter to have hers and she will be 13 1/2 months if i give it to her

Gobbledigook Mon 07-Mar-05 16:22:14

The booster is usually just before they go to school so aged about 4.

Laylasmum Mon 07-Mar-05 16:23:11

between 3.5 yrs and 5 yrs the pre school booster with a booster of diptheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio at the same time!! hTH

MoggyMummy Mon 07-Mar-05 16:25:49

Thank you everyone for responding so quickley. I'm so disorganised that I thought I might have totally missed the boat

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