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Wound not healing

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ClaireDeLoon Sun 19-Oct-08 22:14:47

Can anyone help please? DP has a deep wound in his leg which is not healing. The original puncture occurred Wednesday a week ago so 11 days ago and was treated at hospital, stitched, tetanus and one week course of two different antibiotics.

Last Wednesday it was still leaking (but not infected type leaking) so he went to the nurse and she wasn't happy so prescribed an extra week of antibiotics and said to go back Monday (as in tomorrow). She redressed the wound. Said that would be OK until Monday.

Today DP was saying it smelt and just now got me to change the dressing. The big wound is not healed. The edges have come apart. I was nearly ill (but am very squeamish).

Will they need to re-stitch it? Will it need more doing? I'm just owrried as he has a needle phobia and I can't go with him. If anyone can advise I'd be most grateful.

TheArmadillo Sun 19-Oct-08 22:24:04

If it is not healing he needs to go and get it checked out again.

divedaisy Sun 19-Oct-08 22:29:03

Hi Clare - it sounds as if it is infected again. No wound should smell. You should get him back to the GP and ask to get a swab sent off for 'culture and sensitivity' testing - it'll test the bugs in the infection to ensure he's on the correct antibiotics, as the ones he has had appear not to be specific enough to zap this properly.

It may not need stitched immediately - stitching it when it's infected will only keep the infection inside the body when it needs to come away. Obviously I cannot see the wound - size and depth - but it sounds to me that he will need to get the wound packed with appropriate medicated dressings to draw out the puss. It needs to heal from the inside out, therefore as the inside of the wound heals the wound will get shallower over time and the top layer should knit together well - but another health care professional that can see the wound may decide it needs restitched.

ClaireDeLoon Sun 19-Oct-08 22:36:05

I think it was just the dressing that smelt - the nurse had said to leave it whereas before I had been changing it. There is no puss, it's just the edges haven't knit together.

divedaisy Sun 19-Oct-08 22:59:25

Clare - I'd still get it looked at by a professional. Has he had his stitches removed? They should have been taken out 7-10 days after being put in. I'm assuming he is due to see the nurse again tomorrow?

Oh and give your DP an big hug. Big teddy bear that he is!!

ClaireDeLoon Sun 19-Oct-08 23:27:23

Thanks Daisy.

He's off to the nurse tomorrow, he's just petrified, he is a big baby I know. I hope it doesn't need to be re-stitched. He was terrible in A&E when they were doing it originally. I just a bit worried about infection because he actually got gored by a red deer stag (in one of the royal parks in London).

mooog Mon 20-Oct-08 05:03:13

Good luck to your DP tomorrow, I know how he feels about needles,I am petrified of them too.

ClaireDeLoon Mon 20-Oct-08 09:42:34

Thanks mooog!

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