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Sickness and diarrhoea, very worried

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pinkmagic1 Mon 07-Mar-05 08:21:39

My son who is 8.5 months old has had sickness and diarrhoea since friday. I took him to the doctors on friday evening who advised me to give him no food or milk for 24 hours and just diralyte solution. I was not comfortable with this advise and my son would not take the diralyte so I have carried on offering his milk but he has had no solids since saturday morning because he can't keep them down. He had a very bad case of diarrhoea this morning and I managed to get him to take 5 ounces of diralyte. Sould I offer some milk or solids later? He is very listless and I am worried he is getting enougth nourishment, please help.

KathH Tue 08-Mar-05 21:57:08

Abirosie - did they take a sample? when i rang gp this afternoon he said if not cleared up by friday then to bring ds to the surgery and they will have to send a little present to the lab!

Abirosie Wed 09-Mar-05 20:07:00

Baby has been in hospital and no one seems remotely worried and says it is just a bug they took stool samples and i will have to wait until 21st for results. She is seeing health visitor tommorrow and doctor on friday but they all say the same thing, it is a virus and i will have to wait for it to pass but this seems impossible that it should last this long. Baby has also had chesty wheeze for about six weeks they have put it down to possible asthma, i have seen paediatric doctors and GP but no one seems to listen.

paulcorrine Tue 13-Jun-06 11:15:16

My 5 month old baby has had Diarrhoea since Thursday last week, before that he had constipation, dr initially thought it was overflow/bypass diarrhoea (going around the constipation) and prescribed lactulose. Yesterday dr thought it maybe a tummy bug so no milk just dioralyte for 24 hours. Luckily he likes the taste of the citrus dioralyte! He now has very watery green poo - is this normal ? should I keep the diarolyte going for longer than 24 hours ? thanks for any help. ps poor little mite has cried so much he has now lost his voice :-(

jenhen1 Sat 16-Feb-13 18:53:03

My son has also got the sickness bug, he is 10months! With my experiance I would just make sure your child gets plenty of fluids ie juice water, each time you feed or give milk it reacts to the bug causing child too vomit.I try toast to see if that stays down before offering other foods. I'm surprised u haven't got the bug yourself. I think mines on its way! Feel it looming! I have older children 14 n 10 when my eldest was sick as a baby she ended up on a drip due too lack of fluids (dehydartion) in third world countries it is very serious, as they don't have clean water. I would just keep son fully hydrated and offer lil bits but if vomiting continues just take him straight to a and e espec if he is listless and lethargic. Get well soon lil man. X

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