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ds 1yr old on 8th antibiotic.. am very concerned

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linnywith2 Sun 06-Mar-05 22:40:44

hi all,
looking for advice from you all,
Ds is now 1 yr old and is on his 8th antibiotic!
DD is 6.5 yrs old and is the same, always picking up all sorts of bugs.
Both are on steroid inhalers for asthma.
Gp i take them to doesnt just hand them out whilly-nilly, but they need antibiotics to kill whatever infections they pick up..
with ds, its been chest,ear,throat, and once a kidney infection.
dd same as above
what can i do to boost their immune systems?
is it worth having them both cheked for food alergies?
would really appreciate any advice you can offer
thanks for listening...

dolally Wed 09-Mar-05 08:31:45

just seen this thread, does seem to be a lot of antibiotics, not that i'm a health professional, so presumably your gp really thinks its necessary.

My 9 yr old has mild asthma and has always caught every cold going-which ALWAYS turned into really chesty coughs. I was thinking the same how to boost her immunity - and (thanks to info on this site!) have been using echinacea on her since September and I have to say I'm amazed - since then she's had one cold and cough, which went quickly, and one three day flu bug for which she had antibiots ( the whole class had it). This is nothing compared to last winter when she seemed to have a permanent cold and cough. I can't be certain if it's only the echinacea,....

You can learn about echinacea by searching Mumsnet. Also I believe in vitamin C. Good luck

bambi06 Wed 09-Mar-05 08:33:52


handlemecarefully Wed 09-Mar-05 09:03:24

Do they attend Day Nursery? My 10 month old and 2.7 year old does and 10 month old has had illness after illness and about 4 lots of antibiotics....

linnywith2 Mon 14-Mar-05 21:43:44

will give homeopathy a shot..
Cant hurt at this stage.
ta dolally,bambi
handlemecarefully. dd in school so thats prob where she picks up bugs,, and ds prob picks them up from her then
thanks for advice all..

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