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Recurrent Throat infection - help!

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Josie3 Fri 17-Oct-08 20:54:57

In the winter i get recurrent chest and throat infections. I'm otherwise pretty healthy - don't smoke, not a big drinker, run most mornings, eat well etc. I'm on my 3rd throat infection since the beginning of september and was wondering if anyone had some advice? I'm not in the uk btw, but only moved away recently - so it's not something my new gp would have picked up on. Am hoping someone has a natural/homeopathic suggestion
Thanks x

rachelp73 Fri 17-Oct-08 20:57:56

Sounds like you live fairly healthily but you don't say anything about the amount of rest you are getting. If I have a run of late nights and get exhausted, I usually come down with a throat infection and mouth ulcers. could that be it?

MyPumpkinDsHappyHalloweenBday Fri 17-Oct-08 21:00:49

josie im exactly the same, 3rd one in 5 weeks and 3 lots f anti biotics. mine was so sore i could not sleep and felt like i had swolled acid (never had that btw).
dr has refered me to ent consultant and i go on wed am.
i am the opposite not healthy.
a few other threads have said arnacia,
do you suffer with acid like heart burn?

Josie3 Fri 17-Oct-08 21:17:15

Thanks for advice

rachelp - actually you're right, i don't sleep that well. Often 5 hours or less, and broken up.

MPDHHB (wow! that's one heck of a name grin) no acid heart burn or anything. I'm wondering if i just need to go on anti-b's for 2 weeks not 1? I'll see if a can get some arnacia here.

MyPumpkinDsHappyHalloweenBday Fri 17-Oct-08 21:21:04

changed the name for halloween, ds will be 3 on the day. was just appropriate.

have you not had anti-biotics yet if not no wonder its still lingering. good luck

Josie3 Fri 17-Oct-08 21:28:02

Yes been on anti-biotics both times, and it seemed to clear up. I guess i'm gonna have to ask for further investigation. thanks

MyPumpkinDsHappyHalloweenBday Fri 17-Oct-08 21:32:27

let know how you get on.

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