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Prozac - probably a daft question.........

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Gwenick Sat 05-Mar-05 23:26:48

but I was just wonderding those of you that did have some side effects to start with.

1. How long was it until they went
2. Did they go suddenly - or 'phase' out. (IKYWIM)

Gwenick Sat 05-Mar-05 23:47:37


TiredBunny Sat 05-Mar-05 23:56:44

i didnt have major side effects at first - some weird trembles and a bit sick. cant remember that lasting long - though did have some side effects when i came off them.

mummytosteven Sun 06-Mar-05 23:13:13

time one - felt agitated for a few days
time two - dodgy tummy on and off for a two weeks

i think they did go pretty suddenly but don't entirely remember

think it is common to have side effects for up to two weeks

Gwenick Sun 06-Mar-05 23:21:59

Thanks Mummy - been on them 10 days now and from day 1 my 'not sleeping well/not getting tired until late' got REALLY bad - I wasn't getting tired until around 2.30am, and still taking ages to sleep, and if I went to bed earlier would lie awake for hours.

Then 2 days ago it suddenly stopped and I was knackered by 1am! Just wondered if it was 'me' or whether the side effects could stop that quickly - also feeling more tired tonight too - don't think it'll be a late one again (yipee!! - it was exhausting not being able to sleep until ridiculosly late and still having to get up with the boys first thing!)

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