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I don't know whether to bother the doctor - change in my breasts

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lumpsdumps Tue 14-Oct-08 14:51:18

In the last week I have noticed a change in both of my breasts with the areola looking darker and I have several other bits of dark patches going towards my armpits, is this a normal thing to happen?

DeJaVous Tue 14-Oct-08 14:52:53

It's not something I've heard of (but that doesn't say a lot), IMO it's always well worth having these things checked.

LilRedWG Tue 14-Oct-08 14:53:45

Always worth having any change in your breasts checked out. You will not be bothering your doctor at all.

lumpsdumps Tue 14-Oct-08 14:56:01

I'm terrible about going to the doctors, always think I can put it off for as long as possible! The hubby thinks I need to go as well as he's never seen them look like they are at the moment and he's quite concerned.

coochybottom Tue 14-Oct-08 14:59:30

If it was only on one breast I think it might be more suspicious. I am scared of going to the docs too and convince myself I have got something really bad. Take the plunge and show the doc. Chances are it wont be too much to worry about and you will feel a whole lot better IME. smile

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