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Eczema and reusable nappies

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munchbunch Wed 26-Feb-03 12:14:26

I have just ordered a couple of reusable nappies to try for all the usual reasons, plus dd's eczema, which someone told me could be aggravated by disposables. Anyway, I have a ME onesize and a totsbots with the ME wrap with poppers, but having slept in the ME all last night (no leaks!) dd has very red marks around her thighs. I thought this was just pressure marks (like a bra strap) but it's still there and looks sore. I don't know if this is just the fit of the nappy and/ or wrap (she has v chubby thighs) or whether her eczema is being aggravated by the plastic in the wrap or the bindings on the nappies. She has more eczema around her tummy from where the disposables normally do up, so thought reusables would be an improvement. Argh! Does anyone have any experience or advice on this one or recommendations on reusables?

Jimjams Wed 26-Feb-03 12:34:15

Probably the fit- If you;re worried about plastics then it may be worth giving fleece wraps a try- the stacinator deluxe (can't spell) form twinkle on the web are great. Totally breathable. My son can't wear wraps with great big bands of velcro as they rub againsat his tummy and give him a rash.

NQWWW Wed 26-Feb-03 14:15:32

I tried reusables for a while and couldn't get on with them. I now use Tushies, which are a disposable, but biodegradable and contain no chemicals/gels etc. I think they're great (but not cheap).

lou33 Wed 26-Feb-03 19:57:58

I had to change from disposables to washables because ds was getting a rash where the elastic was. I changed to motherease sandys and he has been fine since. They are popper style nappies and the elastic is hidden in the nappy.

CER Wed 26-Feb-03 20:42:13

I loved our motherease sandys but they definately made ds's eczema worse . Then tried Tushies which were great for a few months but seem to make ds's nappy area really red now.
The only thing that seems not to aggrevate ds's skin at the moment are Pampers sensitive even though I hate buying them as really want to stick to gel free if I wasn't using reusables.
Am going to try Moltex next. They have gel in but are free from bleaching agents.

gingernut Wed 26-Feb-03 22:27:30

Munchbunch - I have had exactly the same problem with my ds in motherease one size nappies plus the air flow popper wraps. Nasty red marks round the thighs, and eczema over the whole nappy area. Tots Bots do an aplix-fastening wrap which is supposed to be suitable for babies with sensitive skin. I have not tried it but someone else here may have. Fleece liners may help if your dd is getting eczema over the whole nappy area as well as where her skin is in contact with the wrap.

bloss Thu 27-Feb-03 00:13:12

Message withdrawn

munchbunch Thu 27-Feb-03 16:52:58

Bloss - the nappylady was where I got the nappies from, but not having any luck in tracking down my advisor at present but will perservere
Gingernut - keep me posted on your progress.Maybe we can swap tips? DD actually only has eczema (at the moment) on the legs, so I tend to agree with Bloss that it's probably just the wrap. Am wondering though whether a very wet nappy (as she has overnight) might aggravate the eczema, as her bottie has been remarkably eczema free and dry in the disposables.

gingernut Thu 27-Feb-03 19:40:02

Actually, I have just decided to give up on the washable nappies . The eczema is part of the reason - I think if I try different wraps I may find something that suits, but I am still left with the problem over the rest of the bottom. The nappy lady suggested fleece liners which did help but ds has such soft squishy poos (sorry to be graphic!) that getting them off the liners was a huge challenge (obviously, it came off in the wash, but in the meantime I was left with a yukky mess in the nappy bucket). We also had lots of poos that basically ran off the liner onto the nappy and booster. It was all so messy I got fed up and decided that it just isn't for us. We never had any problems with ds reacting to disposable nappies, and he is 14 months now so there is no prospect of the poos getting more solid!

If anyone has any helpful suggestions I'd be interested, apologies for potentially hijacking your thread munchbunch.

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