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What is this pain in my chest?

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sameagain Mon 13-Oct-08 20:28:30

It's right in the middle of my ribcage, between my breasts and it's been there since Fri.

Had a really bad day (misunderstanding with a good friend) on Friday and I thought it was actually a broken heart blush but the problem is all sorted now (was by Fri eve actually) and we spent the afternoon together Sat and had lunch today, everything really is fine, but the pain's still there.

I'm not doubled over in agony, but it's bad enough to be constantly annoying. Any ideas?

northernrefugee39 Mon 13-Oct-08 20:51:56

It sounds like indigestion- or anxiety/stress, both of which would be normal if you've had such an upsetting time.
Your heart can react that way- broken nheart isn't such a crazy phrase.
Sorry not to be much help. Hope it gets better.
If it doesn't you should see your doctor about chest pain.

girlandboy Mon 13-Oct-08 20:57:53

Does the pain go away if you eat something. If so then it could be heartburn/indigestion. Buy some Zantac tablets. If they work then it's heartburn/indigestion. If they don't work, see your doctor just to put your mind at rest.
My gp told me the same.

The Zantac worked for me. If I get upset/stressed/overworked then I get a pain here.

MUM23ASD Mon 13-Oct-08 21:02:08

is it dead central- or slightly to the right?

Gallbladder pain is to the right ribcage- sometimes spreads to shoulder.

sameagain Mon 13-Oct-08 21:30:09

Yes it's exactly central. I thought it was prob indigestion and have been taking DH's Rennies, which don't seem to help. I've never had indigestion before, not even when pregnant. Will try Zantac if it's still there tomorrow, Thank you.

katch Mon 13-Oct-08 22:27:57

My gallbladder pain is in the centre of the chest, MUMetc. But a gall bladder attack wouldn't normally go on for this long (although I find they are stress-related).
OP: definitely see the GP.

hypomum Tue 14-Oct-08 10:51:44

i think thats what i have...gallbladder prob. mine been awful all weekend..shoulder pain..very annoying uncomfortable burn/pain/ache under right rib!
Funny seems to be

Is that what happens with gall bladder stuff? Does it come and go? I've had little eposides of this before. This weekend the worse though.

MUM23ASD Tue 14-Oct-08 12:01:26

mine came and went for 3 months - then instead of lasting 1 hour the pain lasted 3- and i went to doctor.

i was referred for ultrasound scans which showed 'multiple stones'

i had my gallbladder removed later that year- and had 4 stones as large as 'large grapes'...and more than 10 which were like peas.

for me the pain was worse than labour pains- i could hardly breath it hurt so much. I was sick alot too.

I have no pain from it now!!!! But my IBS has got worse- which can be a side effect- but i'd rather have IBS than gallstones ANY DAY!!!!

my advice to anyone with possible gallstones- is to see a doctor after the 2nd episode- as though some people get 1 outburst as they pass a stone...and never any pain again...once it ha s happened a second is likely to recur.

whilst it is a fact that many people never know they have gallstones...never any pain etc... once you have had the pain- don't rely on it just going- my doctor was amazed i left it so long to see her- i tried explaining how i thought it was indigestion-something i ate...the way i was sat etc...and that it happened infrequently- and she was the one that said how the 2nd attack is the time to consult a doctor.

let me know!

moosemama Tue 14-Oct-08 12:20:35

Any sort of persistent chest pain should be checked out by your GP.

It sounds to me like it might be gastric reflux.

Its a horrible gnawing/burning pain right in the centre between your ribs and can be accompanied by a nasty feeling of pressure. It is often brought on by stress. Normal indigestion remedies like rennies won't touch it, Zantac is a good starting point, but they don't work for me. I would make an appointment with your GP as they can give you something stronger to take for a week or so until it settles down.

People think reflux is just indigestion, but it can be painful in the extreme and has twice landed me in A&E, once with a suspected heart attack. blush They suspected it - I told them it was my stomach!) Once when they suspected a ruptured stomach ulcer! Both times it settled down within 24 hrs of being on the right medication.

hypomum Tue 14-Oct-08 14:20:44

what other symptoms do you get with gallstones?
I had few wines at weekend at it was worse the next day...not much worse than the day before but definietly more uncomfortable.

katch Wed 15-Oct-08 13:44:27

Only your gp can say whether it's gallstones or something else, hm. My gallbladder symtoms are different from MUM23,s (although I agree with it being worse than labour and totally debilitating), so speculating won't get to the cause. Persistent 'episodes' need to be investigated.

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