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Please can someone reassure me that hair usually falls out a few months AFTER an illness and that this will only be temporary.

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fakeblonde Mon 13-Oct-08 17:50:49

Ok i had an episode of thyrotoxicosis a few months ago (over active thyroid )
Recently my hair has become thin and is falling out-i have long hair down to my waist and its my prode and joy.
When i brush it its coming out half a dozen strands of 3 foot pieces-i`m so upset i cant think straight.
I cry most of the day at the moment and i dread brushing my hair.
Please can someone reassure me - nobody can tell yet although GP said it was thin on top.
I`ve had my thyroid bloods done again today-i think they will be fine because i had really bad symptoms before whereas i just have a few palpatations now.
What i really want to know is is this just a delayed reaction to my illness a few months back-someone told me your hair stops growing when your ill.which i was with my thyroid,and its only a few months later that it will shed-or something like that.
I really just want someone to tell me its going to stop, but noone can do that i know.
Its got me that i cant eat sleep or think straight now.
Sorry to go on.x

Beauregard Mon 13-Oct-08 22:46:56

Sorry to read this.I know how worrying it is ,my mom is going through hair loss too due to Lichen Planus.
Hope someone else can advise you .

fakeblonde Tue 14-Oct-08 18:14:46

Thanks Pelvic.
Hugs to your mum.

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