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contraceptive implant - anyone had/ got one?

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Cappuccino Mon 13-Oct-08 09:08:05

thinking about it but wondered if anyone had experience

had a mirena for a while and didn't get on with it (kept worrying it had fallen out as it had crept upwards and I couldn't check the strings)

and there was a whole mile-long thread about how the mirena had made everyone poorly/ fat/ depressed/ loopy so I kept wondering if any symptoms I had were down to that

I want something really, really reliable and long-term; NO MORE BABIES for Capp

Cappuccino Mon 13-Oct-08 09:24:07


Cappuccino Mon 13-Oct-08 10:22:43

look someone must have one surely

dirtylittlepunk Mon 13-Oct-08 10:25:51

i had one put in after lasted 3 days and i demanded they take it out, it really freaked me out because you could see/feel it under the skin..and it kept stabbing me too, it was agony and i couldnt stick it

dirtylittlepunk Mon 13-Oct-08 10:27:07

sorry, thats not very helpful smile

PonderingThoughts Mon 13-Oct-08 10:42:03

I knew someone who had it - she had it for about 2 years but then her circumstances changed and she wanted it out so that she could start a family.

She had no problems with it.

I'm concidering it myself. (Have tried pretty much everything else!)

Have a Mirena at the mo' which I've had for 18 months with no problems at all until this month. I have had all symptoms of pregnancy (blood test has confirmed not) and hormones all over the place for no reason?! Can't handle this every month!

Cappuccino Mon 13-Oct-08 10:53:32

ok one good, one bad

keep em coming

livinginadreamworld Mon 13-Oct-08 10:56:27

hi, i have an implanon and i LOVE it. It regulated my absoloutely nightmare periods and i have had no weight/depression problems, in fact i have lost weight and come off anti depressants since having it!

I you have it implanted by someone who REALLY knows what they are doing, (there are some gps who can do a real hack job of it!) then it is painless, leaves to scar, and u can just feel it under your skin, which means in three years time it is easy to remove/replace.

I would not hesitate to recommend it, however everyone reacts differently to different hormones. I was on a pill with a very similar hormone mix for two years before getting the implanon, so was pretty confident about getting it.

Hope this helps!!

Cappuccino Mon 13-Oct-08 11:05:15

yes I did wonder about trying a similar pill for a bit first

was it a mini-pill you were on dreamworld?

livinginadreamworld Mon 13-Oct-08 11:12:53

yep, a mini pill called cerazette. I took 9 different pills before found the cerazette worked well for me. Im so glad to find implanon. I am crapm at remembering to take pills!!! grin

mamalovesmojitos Mon 13-Oct-08 22:52:27

i absolutely love my implanon as well. i cant have pill or injection due to a past blood clot. was too queasy to get coil after scary birth experience.

i did have a light period for AGES when i first got it in.

that was exhausting and a bit upsetting and really i thought i'd have to get it out. after that period stopped though i haven't had a period in about 20 months.

i also have come off antidepressants since having mine smile.

i was assured by my doctor at the time that there was NO WAY i'd get pregnant while it was in my arm.

however i've heard some scary stories recently of people falling pregnant despite the implant. i'm single but if you're not i suppose it would be best to use another form of contraception with it?

i find it frustrating that despite our best efforts to be responsible and plan our families that contraception can still be so unreliable.

hope this helps!

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