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Any thyroid experts please-i`m so scared my hair is falling out

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fakeblonde Sun 12-Oct-08 16:13:04

I had an episode of thyrotoxocosis a few months ago which seems to have resolved itself.
I feel ok too-no racing heart but still got palpatations.
I apparently have a multinodular goiter which will likely not resolve but doctor is choosing to watch and wait .
Anyway- now i`m well again my hair is falling out.
I`m not imagining it-my hair is my best asset - its down to my bum wavy and blonde-and all real !
If i hear one more person say-"well you`ve got plenty ! " i think i`ll freak.
I`ve cried most days this week brushing my hair because i am pulling out whole lengths of hair 3 foot long-i cant carry on doing this .Its got that i`m too scared to brush it now.
Please reassure me that this is just a delayed reaction or something .
Many thanks x

shinyshoes Sun 12-Oct-08 16:43:14

Shit sad

Does the G.P know that your hair is falling out?

AFAIK this can happen with either a hyPOthyroidism and hyPERthyroidism .

Why is he choosing to wait?

fakeblonde Sun 12-Oct-08 16:48:08

No i haven`t told my gp.
I`ve kinda lost faith in him as he treated me for all sorts over last few years - all app thyroid related in retrospect.
It was the consultant endocrinologist who decided on a watch and wait approach.
I just wondered if my hair would tend to fall out after the episode rather than at the time iykim.
Thanksfor reply

fakeblonde Sun 12-Oct-08 20:37:59


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