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You Mnetters with mad cycling dh's/dp's - what do they use on their sore groin area?

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DrNortherner Sun 12-Oct-08 12:27:05

Dh rides for many many hours during the week, he has a sore groin area. Kind of like red sore skin from chaffing I would guess.

He has tried vaseline, canesten and sudocrem all to no avail.

Any reccommendations?


Dragonbutter Sun 12-Oct-08 12:33:42

DH says to not wear the shorts twice, no undies under the shorts and maybe have a look at changing saddles.

ohdearwhatamess Sun 12-Oct-08 12:46:27

Change saddle.

DrNortherner Sun 12-Oct-08 16:56:07

He has had various different saddles....he has however been wearing pants, tink this is the problem - his sore bits are where the seams of his pants sit.

bloss Sun 12-Oct-08 17:02:54

Message withdrawn

ohdearwhatamess Sun 12-Oct-08 20:48:16

Dh wears boxer shorts. Has never had any problems (may cycle less though - 12 miles a day only).

IAteDavinaForDinner Sun 12-Oct-08 20:50:05

DP says no undies and get a good pair of cycling shorts "with a chamois insert and a towelling bit at the front" ... feck knows, sounds hideous [vomit]

rempy Sun 12-Oct-08 20:51:45

pants off, clean padded shorts. Very unattractive.

boovs Mon 13-Oct-08 09:18:47

Yes... my DH did Lands End - John 0 groats on his bike earlier this year in six days cycling up to 160 miles a day he used Assos Chamois Cream and can highly recommend it. DH also says no undies and a good pair of cycle shorts with chamois insert.

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 13-Oct-08 09:26:52

Apparently Boudreaux's Butt Cream is the way to go grin Its a US nappy cream which is favoured in the hardcore cycling fraternity (as used by Lance Armstrong) !

No undies and decent cycling shorts are also essential

amazonianwoman Mon 13-Oct-08 22:47:20

Another vote for Assos chamois cream, going commando, clean shorts every day (the best shorts he can afford, I like Pearl Izumi ones) - and maybe a new saddle.

Assos chamois cream while riding, Sudocrem just overnight. And slap LOADS of the stuff on...

I did 600km charity bike ride in 6 days in August, DH did about the same last year. Our bits are/were all still intact grin

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