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22 Weeks and Breathless

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Jelliebaby Fri 10-Oct-08 17:20:40

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and very breathless. I feel out of breath when i'm taking and eating and cant walk without getting knackered and breathless. I can also feel my heart racing on occassions.

Is it a sign of anemia or just another side effect of pregnancy?

Jelliebaby Sat 11-Oct-08 10:30:55

Can anyone help me out with this? Just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience?

PsychoAxeMurdererMum Sat 11-Oct-08 11:24:59

I had this with DS2.......was anaemia and a chest infection.

can you get a docs appointment today (if your surgery opens on weekends).

aliasdictus Mon 13-Oct-08 00:11:45

Hello, the respiratory centre is reset when pregnant, that is why you feel breathless, growing the baby puts huge demands on the Cardiovascular system as well hence the heart racing. If they are SIGNIFICANTLY serious or sudden, say compared to other mothers or they now prevent you getting upstairs then it may be something a little more serious but that is quite unlikely, far more likely to be one of the normal inconvenient pitfalls of growing babies.

NoBiggy Mon 13-Oct-08 00:19:12

Had this, air seemed really thin. Was anaemic but it was missed because my gp was on holiday when my results came back hmm

It was horrible.

Jelliebaby Mon 13-Oct-08 17:45:06

Thanks for your advice, I haven't been to my GP yet, feel like i'm always there complaining about something. Think I will try to sit it out till my midwife apt next week.

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