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just want to say thanks to emma1977, ummmadam and everyone who eased my mind.

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kaylasmum Fri 10-Oct-08 10:26:58

Hi just want to thank everyone that helped to get me through the last 3 months of awful anxiety and worry about my ds.

We saw the consultant on Wednesday regarding my ds's ultrasound. He says its a lipoma and at the moment no further treatment is needed. He said that he wants to look over the scan pictures himself with the radiologist just to double check, but by reading the report he is confident that its not anything serious. Although i wish he'd already looked at the scan pictures before our appt. We have an appt for 6 months time just as a review and he also said that they might do another ultrasound in a years time.
I am so releived as this has been sheer hell and my anxiety has been horrendous but hopefully with the CBT i should be able to control it a little better.

Anyway thanks again so much for all the reassurances and kind words.

kaylasmum Fri 10-Oct-08 12:13:41


emma1977 Fri 10-Oct-08 18:35:28

Splendid news.

I'm glad things turned out OK in the end.


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