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Chicken Pox - Help/Tips needed

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Girly Tue 25-Feb-03 08:15:11

My dd has a bad dose, esp in her bits, I have dosed her up with calpol, piriton etc, is it ok to put sudocrean on her minnie? As it is very unconfortable.

Any advice would be more than welcome. HELP

musica Tue 25-Feb-03 08:43:05

Calamine lotion on the spots, to take the itching away, and sodium bicarbonate powder in the bath!

sobernow Tue 25-Feb-03 08:48:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chiccadum Tue 25-Feb-03 08:51:44

I shouldn't see why you can't use sudocream on her minnie, I used on both of mines when they got it last year, dd1 got them first the week before our holiday then dd2 got them the day after we got back, she got it really bad, at lats count she had 147 on her head and face, I didn't find calamine lotion worked that well, I just kept them as uncovered as possible. If you are using calamine lotion, just a little tip to make it easier and less time wasting to apply, pour some into a spray bottle, if it is too thick just water it down very slightly. I started doing this as the eldest was getting bored standing round.


Batters Tue 25-Feb-03 09:29:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Tue 25-Feb-03 10:15:56

you can get a calamine cream (aqueous cream with calamine in it) which our pharmacist recommended.

NQWWW Tue 25-Feb-03 10:55:02

You can put calamine lotion in the bath too.

Nutjob Tue 25-Feb-03 11:13:11

Also, once her spots have scabbed over, rub her with talc after drying off from a bath, this helps lift off any loose-ish scabs without to much discomfort or scarring.

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