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Really tight chest with a cold... how can I ease it?

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LadyOfWaffleIsScaryEnough Thu 09-Oct-08 02:41:09

Can't go to sleep because I have a really bad cold starting and now my throat and chest feels really tight... not like heartburn but like bad hunger pangs but up in my chest/throat and it's kinda hard ish to breathe properly... how can I ease it?


LilRedWG Thu 09-Oct-08 08:52:25

Hope you got some sleep last night. Steam helps - shut yourself in the bathroom with the shower running on hot.

FloriaTosca Thu 09-Oct-08 09:02:50

Ditto lilredwgs good advice, steam, plain steam, no menthol and eucalyptus just steam...either in the shower or head under a towel over a bowl of just boiled water...and drink water, lots of it ENT consultant swears you wash the mucus away and the virus out by doubling you water intake. Hope you feel better soon.

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