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Acupuncture- any good for insomnia?

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colette Thu 03-Mar-05 14:07:41

I am thinking of going to see an acupuncturist to help my insomnia, has anyone any experience of this? Did it work? Also how do I know who is any good is there a regulating body?

colette Thu 03-Mar-05 16:13:32

a sleepyhead's bump?

colette Thu 03-Mar-05 21:18:16


Xena Thu 03-Mar-05 21:22:28

I don't know about insomnia. But after a terrible 2nd pg I had acupunture throughout my 3rd and it was great. Especially for pubic pain when I was treated every other week I had no pain at all and with no2 I could hardly walk by the end, so IMO its worth ago. I wish I could afford to go now.

colette Thu 03-Mar-05 21:36:39

Thanks for your reply Xena
How do you find a good acupuncturist? and how
expensive approximately.

Xena Thu 03-Mar-05 21:40:34

I was treated by the hospitals midwife who was trained in acupuncture. I think that it costs about 30 per session normally. If I wanted a reccomendation I would prob ask G.P. or their receptionist.

colette Thu 03-Mar-05 21:48:05

Thanks I will phone up tomorrow. That is really good that the midwife was trained in it. I don't think I can afford many sessions but if it is good it will be worth it. What would you like acupuncture for now?

rosies Fri 04-Mar-05 08:40:20

ask your midwife about pregnancy trained reflexologists, some midwives do train in reflex and then do the extra training.

i doubt your doctor will recommend anyone, most GP's know little about therapies and dont want to, imo.

there is this directory with many therapies and therapists.

or acupuncture council

Xena Fri 04-Mar-05 09:51:22

My G.P. Recommend me to this midwife. Because I was p.g. you didn't have to pay under the NHS it depends if they have one in the hospital its worth trying that first as it would save money

colette Fri 04-Mar-05 16:10:16

Thanks for the links Rosies. As I am not pregnant I will be paying. Wish I has asked to use it for pain relief when in labour though .

rosies Sat 05-Mar-05 13:11:22

lol collette, sorry i just was continuing from xena who mentioned pregnancy!!

well, try reflexology anyway... its excellent for stress related conditions and can certainly aid sleeping problems.

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