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How long off school after vomiting?

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mum2jakeyroo Wed 08-Oct-08 07:59:36

Ds 4 is only at nursery. Came home yesterday and was vomiting. How long does he need off - I can't remember.

RubySlippers Wed 08-Oct-08 08:00:45

48 hours at our nursery

mum2jakeyroo Wed 08-Oct-08 08:03:26

Btw I am at a sahm and 39+3 weeks pg. He just got really upset when I said he couldn't go so was hoping it was only today

mum2jakeyroo Wed 08-Oct-08 08:04:19

Thankyou ruby.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 08-Oct-08 08:06:02

Some places have 24 hours. It depends. If he's eating well today, I'd send him in tomorrow.

StressedoutGobbledigook Wed 08-Oct-08 08:13:40

48 hours

SaintRiven Wed 08-Oct-08 08:34:26

48 hours after last puke.

mumto2andnomore Wed 08-Oct-08 09:39:24

48 hours, even if he seems well it will help to stop the rest of the class and staff getting it.

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