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Recommendations for post-baby exercise dvds please?

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fadingfast Tue 07-Oct-08 21:53:46

I've never owned or even tried an exercise video/dvd. Can anyone recommend one for a novice that is not too hardcore and good fun and will turn me into Kate Moss? Or are they all a complete waste of time?

3xyummymummy Wed 08-Oct-08 21:52:46

I bought the Davina one, called My pre and post natal workouts. It's really good and effective, I especially noticed a difference around the stomache, but it is quite long considering it's aimed at mums! I've got 3 preschoolers and don't often get time to do it now that it's term time as I really need 40+ minutes to do most of it. However, if this is your first baby it's probably brilliant and if you are more of an early bird than me (I don't prioritise exercise over sleep) I'd recommend it too. Hope you find one you like!

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