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Heavier, longer periods?

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Bibiboo Wed 02-Mar-05 23:25:31

DD is 5 months old now and I've had 3 periods since she's been born - the first after the post-birth bleeding had stopped was heavy, which I was prepared for, but the last two have been as well. Sorry for the detail here, but my "normal" period was 3-4 days of medium bleeding, trailing off to nothing by the end of day 4. Now it's heavy bleeding for 5-7 days, only getting lighter on the last day.
Is this normal and to be expected? And could this be why I am feeling more light-headed and tired (physically) lately?

mummytosteven Wed 02-Mar-05 23:27:40

am just off to bed. not sure how long it takes for periods to get back to normal.

defo could be that you are getting a teensy bit low in iron. might be worth you taking a well woman multi=vit with iron in, or just getting yourself some iron tablets. you can ask your GP to do your iron count to check if you are anaemic.
try not to have milky food/drink soon after red meat as it impedes iron absorption - instead orange juice helps iron absorption

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