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Fed up of being in pain.. and it is only in october.

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mou Tue 07-Oct-08 07:52:51

Suffered severe spinal trauma many years ago, very very lucky to be walking and I really appreciate the fact, but I am in a lot of pain a lot of the time.

Normally I get through the summer with no painkillers and then use them to manage it when weather turns and pain gets bad. But didn't manage to get off them this year and now it is cool and damp I am suffering.

I am on Diclomax, Tramadol and Paracetamol (and AD's), and for a couple of weeks I felt brilliant Now it is not so good and with the spilnal pain I get really nasty headaches.

I do as much exercise as I can as it is beneficial on many levels, and I get a couple of painfree hours afterwards. I can't afford my own treatment and NHS physio has given limited relief. I have also been to a pain clinic, but they asked me to make a lot of lifestyle changes that weren't practical and offered the option of going onto disability benefits, but I don't consider myself to be disabled.

I suppose I am just having a feeling sorry for myself rant but I know the pain will get worse through the coming months and I am dreading it.

Has anyone used a TENS machine for pain and would it be worth saving for one? I think Lloyds do a cheapish one.

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 07-Oct-08 07:56:03

What were the lifestyle changes they asked you to make? And why were those impractical? Could it be that now is the time to reconsider?

I only used the TENS during labour, although I did find it very useful then. Sorry - have no idea if it would help you now.

Being in pain constantly is awful, so you have my sympathies. Have you tried going back to the GP and seeing if there is anything else that they can do - e.g. a different combination of painkillers, a higher dosage and/or higher dosage of ADs? (they're supposed to really help pain relief in women, apparently)

Twiglett Tue 07-Oct-08 08:00:00

well you've got an NSAID and 2 pain relievers so I'm assuming some form of arthritic condition as a result of trauma. Is that right?

what changes did pain clinic ask for?

Why don't you change med combination?

Have you tried acupuncture?

much sympathy

herbietea Tue 07-Oct-08 08:05:31

Message withdrawn

mou Tue 07-Oct-08 08:20:15

Have just done a meds change.

Asked to change jobs. I am self employed so that I can work around my bodies needs. (won't say what as, I think it will give away my identity and some of my threads have been 'sensitive'). Also to restrict things like picking up children, carrying shopping, basic life things that would make life impractical, and to be honest i am not that kind of person, and when I try to reduce what I do the depression gets worse. I do my best not to aggrevate the condition but life just takes over.

Accupuncture recommended but we can't afford it and the hospital that provides it is three bus journeys away, so an hours appointment takes up a whole day, not ruling it out but it means a lot of travelling, which is something that aggrevates it as I find it hard to sit still comfortably, which is another reason that I need to be on the go all the time.

Yes Twiglett, an early diagnosis of an arthritic condition was made. I suppose i am just feeling sorry for myself, must snap out of it.

charitas Tue 07-Oct-08 08:29:36

mou, my friend used to use a tens machine for chronic pain. She got it from the hospital though and they showed her were to put the sticky tab things for maxium relief. Boots hire them according to their baby catalouge would that be a cheap way of trying it.

rubyloopy Tue 07-Oct-08 09:46:20

Message withdrawn

mou Tue 07-Oct-08 12:32:38

Sorry for you too herbietea, I try to stay optimistic as I fractured C2,3 and 4, and D6 in my vertebrae, so by rights should be in a wheelchair, I suppose it is partly why it is so important to me to do the ordinary things in life....because I can!!! I am very very lucky. But still get down with the pain.
Swimming is OK but i can't really do much breasstroke as the position of my head hurts. Backstroke is fine but the pool is often too busy and i nearly wind up drowning someone!!.
I hadn't thought of heatpads..that is a good idea rubyloopy as it is often at its worst when i try to sit down and relax. I have my electric blanket on in bed all the time.
I think I might follow up the TENS machine idea herbietea.

It eases as the day goes on and then gets bad when I am tired so feeling a little better for the moment,
thanks for listening and thanks for the

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