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DS has been diagnosed with some type of coldsore/herpes virus :(

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glaskhamhasoneintheoven Mon 06-Oct-08 16:58:37

DS (3.10 yo) has had these blistering things on his lips and inside his gums now for the 5th time in less than 12mths, actually more like 10mths.

He started nursery in jan this year, and within a couple of weeks was off with blistering, scabby sores developing on the inside and outside of his lip. since then he's had it 4 times just on the outer lip, and yesterday came out in lots of blisterings on the inside of his top lip, it was so swollen yesterday it split for no reason, and he could barely sleep last night.

Just got back from the GP's and they have diagnosed him with some form of coldsore/herpes infection

He can't give him anything for inside his lip as all the creams are for external use only. he can't kiss any of us when he has them (and they normally last around a week) as they are contagious, i just feel so sorry for him...

if this is going to affect him for the rest of his life like the GP said that means he could loose 6 weeks of school a year because of it... he wont be able to kiss or share flannels or anything with any of us while he has them... what a thing for such a young boy

Anyone else got this or their DC's got it??? Please re-assure me its not as bad as it seems??? I just feel so upset for the poor mite!!

DraculaNeedsArteries Mon 06-Oct-08 17:15:46


My DD3 and DTD1 both suffer. The primary (i.e. the first infection) is usually the worst - and is typically the only one that results in multiple blisters/ulcers simulateously. The primary infection should be the only one that is directly associated with unwellness (v high fever, malaise etc)

Secondary infections (i.e. those since the first infection) are just relapses - and usually occur when run down.

Although he will probably have to stay off nursery with it (because of sucking chewing sharing cups etc....obviously they are washed but won't destroy virus) he will not have to stay off school; just be careful that he does not suck teh ends of pencils, share musical instruments etc. I think it is arguable that he needs to miss nursery/preschool at 3.10 TBH.

Even with DTD1's primary infection GP said she was fine to go to school as soon as the fever had subsided. Yes it is a pain, yes it is contagious, but because of the route of transmission he needn't be isolated..he just needs to stop kissing the girls wink.

As for relief - you can use bonjela for pain reliefe inside the mouth. Best applied 15-30mins before eating to provide relief when eating. Won't treat the virus though.. but then most people use zovirax/acyclovir too late to be of any benefit anyway.

Shout if you want any more info. Flameboy has also been affected previously, and Flamey will happily answer questions too.

MOrticiaAdams Mon 06-Oct-08 17:25:14

DD was exactly the same at that age. She's 13 now and although she still gets coldsores, they are much more managable.

At the age of your LO at the moment, it will be hard to stop him touching it and spreading it futher and also he won't be able to tell you when he can 'feel' a coldsore coming, so you won't be able to shorten the life of it. It will get easier, promise!

Try to work out if there are any triggers. DD always get one when she has had a cold or is run down. A friend of mine stopped hers intirely, when she discovered that the oranges she loved to eat everyday, were the cause!

glaskhamhasoneintheoven Mon 06-Oct-08 18:50:44

thanks so much for the help/advise... he's still getting blistering sore each time, and normally they change into scabs that leak a bit of puss (sorry if TMI) after a couple of days...

GP said to keep him away from nursery and toddler groups and last time Ds got it on his lip they said 'looks like he's getting it again, keep him off if it gets any worse just to be sure we dont spread it.'

GreenMonkies Mon 06-Oct-08 18:55:09

Have they done swabs? I'd ask that they do some viral swabs to make sure it is definately a Herpes virus, and not something else. DD2 was (wrongly) diagnosed with Herpes earlier this year, blister like spots in her "nappy region", I asked for a second opinion and swans proved it to be a Strep B infection.

DraculaNeedsArteries Mon 06-Oct-08 19:02:49

Oh yeah he will always get a blistering sore with each attack. But in DD3s case she went from a first infection of at least 20 sores inside her mouth to just 1 at each relapse.

I fully understand why preschool groups want to exclude him. They can be v v poorly with teh first infection (DD3 was nearly in hospital). What I am saying is that herpes is not a reson to be excluded from it won;t affect his education. You don't need to worry about that aspect of it. As I say DTD1 went to school with about 6-8 of them in her mouth last year...on the Drs advice.

DraculaNeedsArteries Mon 06-Oct-08 19:06:26

here is the official exclusion advise from the HPA He does not need to be excluded from school or preschool.

glaskhamhasoneintheoven Mon 06-Oct-08 19:16:50

oh thats good to know.. he does seem to get very groggy with it, so probs best not to send him to nursery with it anyway, but at least i know he doesn't need to be kept off school!!

They haven't done swabs, next time it flares up i'll ask to see the other GP and ask him to do swabs to be certain.

VaginaShmergina Mon 06-Oct-08 19:24:46

Hi there, my DS has a mouth full of sores and the end of his tongue is so painful heis talking like Jonathon Woss today the poor thing.

We were prescribed a gel you literlly dab on the areas, dont know if it could help in your situation, it's called ADCORTYL. Its a mild steroid and we can only use for 5 days.

He is 4 btw.


glaskhamhasoneintheoven Mon 06-Oct-08 19:37:25

VS- that sounds exactly like my DS's first attack of them. The GP said there was nothing he could prescribe him for inside his mouth, maybe he's still a little too young? maybe i just have a poo GP?? i'll cope with DS this time and next time get another GP's opinion!!

the first time the GP wouldn't fit him in so i ended up trapsing him to the walk-in-centre only for them to not have a clue what it was, phoned the GP and got me in there that evening and then they just gave me some cream that didn't seem to work much!!

VaginaShmergina Mon 06-Oct-08 20:05:26

Cannot say my DS is enjoying having it applied though !! I just put some on myself before bedtime to show him it was ok and it felt like quick setting cement on my tongue - not that I have ever expereinced it you understand grin

The instructions say nowt bout age limit and I googled it for you Here

The Nurse Practitioner said that if he was not better by Friday to take him back, but we will be going back on Wednesday if I'm not happy to see the Doctor.

Unfortunately I think if it something they are prone to its just the way it is. My DD has awful bouts of tonsillitis.

DraculaNeedsArteries Mon 06-Oct-08 20:40:05

Glaskham....honestly you can use Bonjela if nothing else. DD3 was recommended it when she was just 14m (and it is of course suitable from 3m or something cos it is recommended for teething).

Also for the record GPs can prescribe oral acyclovir for an initial attack but must be given within 24hrs of first blister appearing for it to be effective. Unfortunately with viruses (most viruses not just this) the drugs stop them proliferating. By the time they are symptomatic they have proliferated and it is too late.

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