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SO ANGRY!!!!!!!

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megandsoph Wed 02-Mar-05 14:22:49

Well what a nightmare.... was at hospital last night with dd2 for 10 hrs just to get a new ventalin inhaler for my two year dd... who was having and asthma attack. DD has had trouble with her breathing from 4 weeks of age every time she has had a cold she has been in hospital 10 times in all with this problem and all the time she has stayed over night and they have done the same routine nebuliser, then 10 puffs an hour with her spacer until we can get her down to every four hours then they send me off the next day to carry on the routine at home. So last time about augast last year the doctor in A&E sent me home with a fresh inhaler and a letter for my GP which was great as I was able to deal with it at home and I didn't have to rely on someone I didn't know to great to look after dd1 as I have no family within a 300 mile radius. Anyway same thing happen last night dd2 has a cold and started struggling with her breathing she had no inhaler left as my GP wouldn't diognose her with asthma so I had to go to A&E to get her another inhaler. I saw one doctor and straight away he said we are keeping her in, I told them about how I had no one to takecare of dd1 and basically said tough crap shes staying in... I didn't understand why she had to stay in this time as she had been worse the last time we came in and after she had been given her nebuliser in a&E she had been aload to go home.... this doctor lastnight said well she has to sty in. Anyway she went for an xray and I took her bk down to A&E and this otherdoctor came in and told me dd2 had contracted "Newmonia" on her lungs so there was me in bits all the while suspecting it was aload of crap but hey they are the doctors right?? anyway this obviously made my mind up to keep her in overnight... so we went up to the kids ward getting her settled for the night when another doctor a childrens doctor, I said to him " so is DD going to be ok now she has newmonia?" and he said who told you she had that I explained about the doctor in A&E and the doctor said dd has just had an asthma attact... WELL that was me I was livid, basically the A&E doctor had told me she had a life threating illness to make sure I kept dd in HOW NASTY and irresbonsible is that?? I had been petrified that she was going to die and all time it had been the same thing we had been dealing with since she was 4 weeks old, the same thing that I had been dealing with for two years.. So anyway the childrens doctor gave me a new inhaler and the normal steriods we always use when she has an attack and finally she has definetly been diognosed with asthma so now I should not have to come back and go through this ordeal again as I should be able to get her inhaler on repat perscription....

sorry this is along post but I need to talk about it... has anyone else ever had a big issue with the NHS????

megandsoph Wed 02-Mar-05 14:28:52

gosh just read that again it's dead long sry.... just want to know how many other people are being made out to be bad mums' when they have to take there little ones in to hospital.. ohh yup forgot to mention after ten hours of wating just to be given her medicine WE got home finally at 4:45am.

Clare xxx

MrsBigD Wed 02-Mar-05 14:33:37

I feel for you. This must have been so terrifying/infuriating. On the positive side you finally got your dd diagnosed with Asthma. Small consolation that is though.

DD was in and out in her first year due to recurring chest infections and failure to progress and was put through all sorts of tests and I had to go for reassessment every 1-3 months. The thing that really annoyed me is that she NEVER was seen by the same doctor so how on earth can they get a picture on her progress!?!

NHS... don't get me started!!!

megandsoph Thu 03-Mar-05 13:17:14

hiya thanks for resopnding
I definetly know what you mean about the little ones always seeing a different doctor.... Doctors are just as individual in their theories as every human being in the world is. so it doesn't make sense to keep chopping and changing doctors when someone has an on going illness.... as most of the the diognoses will be different. it really does my head in as you get asked to repeat the whole storry of what happened again and again Grrrr.
So has your DD been diognosed yet for anything, like why she keeps having the reapeated chest infections?


megandsoph Thu 03-Mar-05 13:18:05

responding (oops)

MrsBigD Thu 03-Mar-05 14:59:05

Hi Clare,
nope they never found out what the cause was, just ruled out the major bad illnesses (coeliac disease, cystic fibrosis and the like).

I actually think it was simply down to dd being with a childminder who had kids in nursery/school hence bringing home every bug and passing it on to dd but as I'm only the mother what would I know eh?!

megandsoph Thu 03-Mar-05 15:09:24

Oh my god how frustrating.... I know the feeling so well the other night the doctors made me feel so bad for wanting to take her home but my motherly instinct told me it was the same as all the other times and it was confirmed when at 4:45am the last doctor said yes shes fine you can go home.... at the end of the day were their mothers and we should be able to trust are own feelings and the doctors should respect that. I have loads of examples nearly went to press just b4 DD2 was born they were trying to say that I had conceived her 4 weeks after I had already found out I was pregnant which ment if I was to be over my 40 wk pregnancy they wouldn't of induced me for four 6 wks when I knew she had been concived obviously when I had took a pregnancy test... anyway DD2 was late and they were going to induce me for 4 weeks later when I knew she was already over due but I managed to convince the consultant to give me a sweep which brought on the labor and oooooh DD2 came out with cord round her neck four times.... I was so angry thst if they had left me like they were going to she wouldn't be here now, they checked the placenta when she was born and confirmed again that I had been right and she was in fact 41 wks.. sorry to go on again but it just really just get me going... If you feel there is something wrong then it IS right.


nutcracker Thu 03-Mar-05 15:20:49

Megasoph, that is awful. We went through exactly the same thing with my dd2 who has also had asthma since she was about 4 weeks. G.p wouldn't diagnose as she was under 2 and so we had to fight for 14mths before we even got an inhaler.
In the end we had taken her to a different hospital and i basically told them i was not moving until somebody told me what was wrong with my child.
After listening to her history the doc then said "well it's obvious to me that she has asthma" and gave her the inhalers. Once we told our own g.p that, he was quite happy to agree with the doc at the hospital.

We now only ever go to that hospital to deal with dd's asthma, even though there is a nearer one. We were treated as over anxious parents so many times by the other hospital and g.p that i stay away if at al possible now.

Glad your dd has her diagnosis now and can get proper treatment.

MrsBigD Thu 03-Mar-05 15:39:43

megandsoph - that's awful with the date calculations. I have the suspicion that for ds (6 months) they got it wrong too, as fair enough I wasn't exactly sure when my last period was but I knew it had to be 1 of 2 weeks. the date they calculated was absolutely impossible! So we suspect that I was actually pg the month before without noticing so when I opted for my elective CS (dd was emergency so didn't want to go through the trauma again) at 40 weeks I was actually over! Going by the size my big bundle of joy is, I'm sure I'm right

megandsoph Thu 03-Mar-05 16:22:54

Nutcracker.... happy you have finally got it sorted too hun sounds like exactally the same thing I have had with the doctors ref DD2 shame it has to take us all this long to get things sorted...

That is bloody terrible surely there should be something put in place in those situations coz it can be life threating as the placenta stops working properly after 10 days apparently... and I ain't being funny but us women know more than the doctors when it comes to when we had sex to conceive our babies. happy u and ur bundle of joy are fine though hun Mummys must trust their own instincts thats what instints are there for lol

sry gassing on again hehe


MrsBigD Thu 03-Mar-05 16:36:57

gass away nutcracker I know what I'm like when I get going about NHS and doctors...

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