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Mutual breast cancer support thread - Part 2

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lalaa Sat 04-Oct-08 17:38:30

Pigleto - here it is!

TheMadHouse Sat 04-Oct-08 19:58:46

Pigleto - I had the zoladex injection for 6 months for endrimetiosis (sp) before I had the children and I found the first one the worst.

are you going to be having bone denisity scans as you are on them for so long.

The menopausal systems from the removal of my ovaries and tubes are strange night sweats and hot flushes or mediteran moments as me and DH call them.

I too am a little down this week, my cousin had her double mastectomy and reconstruction last week adn things have gone from bad to worse. She was in a lot of pain and has had to be readmitted as the reconstruction has not taken and is septic sad

I am seeing my surgeon on Wedensday and have a really long list of questions for him.

I have also started to look into the practical help that I will need after such a large operation. DH can get a couple of weeks working from home or holiday, but neither my mum or MIL are capable of looking after the boys (due to illness and disability) and therefore, I have asked homestart for some assistance and they are looking into any other help I might be able to get.

I think that the dark nights sometimes dont help my mood.

pigleto Sun 05-Oct-08 11:17:04

Thanks for the new thread Lalaa.

I am feeling a bit happier today. My lovely dcs have been giving me lots of cuddles.

TMH I imagine I will have my ovaries out after six months or so all being well. How was the op for you?

I am sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope that they manage to get her sorted out. It must have affected your own confidence in the op. As for looking after the kids after the op, do you have any friends who can do a couple of hours in the day time to take the pressure off?

The sun is out for a moment so I am going out on a conker hunt.

TheMadHouse Sun 05-Oct-08 11:52:46

Glad you are feeling brighter today Pigleto. It is a baeutiful autumn thype day here, we have all been out this morning and just come back to feed the boys.

My Op for the ovaries and tubes was dead easy actually. I went down at 3pm was back at 6pm stayed in overnight and was home 9am following day. I was driving the day after smile I would have been out the same day if it was a morning operation, but I tend to get sickness with the GA. I have 5 tiny scars. SO super easy experiance.

I am a little worried about my operation, but will exsure that I am completely happy on Wedensday.

Have a lovley day

anorak Sun 05-Oct-08 15:06:20

Hello all, haven't caught this thread for a while. Sorry to hear about your cousin TMH, I hope things get better for her.

I'm feeling much better, except for relentless hot flushes (I guess from the tamoxifen) that make me feel really quite ill while they last.

I have also been very tired. The doctor rang the other day and told me that my most recent blood test has shown up a thyroid problem - it's become underactive. This might explain why I have been exercising furiously yet can't lose any weight. She wants me to go back in a couple of weeks for another blood test and if the problem hasn't rectified itself I will have to take a drug to stimulate my thyroid. She says that it was most likely the chemo that damaged my thyroid stimulating hormone production.

On a lighter note, I am doing a breast cancer walk this Wednesday and have set up a charity page for anyone who would be kind enough to sponsor me. See the thread here

I'd be grateful to any of you who would bump that thread for me occasionally too. Thank you.

huffpuff Sun 05-Oct-08 21:47:03

hi all - sorry not had chance to catch up on thread but just wanted to say hi and thanks for the new thread!! XX

TheMadHouse Wed 08-Oct-08 16:40:04

Afternoon all

Cousin has had another operation and is a lot better, she is on IV antiBs

I have seen the consultant at the hospital this afternoon and am feeling a lot more confident regarding the surgery and also what plans etc.

I will be having the double mstectomy and immediate reconstruction in February next year and rather than having a transflap tummy reconstruction, will be having impants.

It is a shorter operation and also have a much sorter recovery time and that was what was concerning me.

This way I will have impants put in that can be made bigger or smaller and then permanent impants done in August.

I can always have the other type of operation later.

I do not want to miss out of the boys life for three months at this stage in their development - this way it is only likley to be a couple of weeks. Also I will only be in surgery for 4/5 hours rather than over 12

So I have seen what I will look like and am likley to be a size c.

Anorak - for some reason I couldnt sponser - Please can you let me know if I can send you something via paypal

lalaa Fri 10-Oct-08 15:52:57

I'm a bit depressed about Wendy Richard. She beat bc twice and now it's terminal.

I would say that 80% of the time I don't even consider the possibility that I'll be ill again. And then something in the media comes up and I see that I need to rein in my expectations.

Bit of a downer for a Friday.

TheMadHouse Sat 11-Oct-08 23:11:52

Ladies with implants, please tell me if you had expanders or just straight implants - please.

The PS recomended expanders, but my aunty had straight impants and I am wondering why?

pigleto Wed 15-Oct-08 10:02:13

Lalaa, I was sorry to hear about Wendy Richards too. I remember reading about her experiences six months ago and being comforted that someone had come through it. I hope she has a nice wedding.

She is still old though and I am not. It's not faiiiiiiir! [selfish toddler tantrum emoticon]

Had my zometa inf yesterday so I feel like poo today. The girl sitting next to me in the hospital was terminal (our age)sad but she was really dignified. Made me feel like absolute crap. Aghhhhhh!

lalaa Wed 15-Oct-08 10:32:19

Sorry you're feeling rubbish today. I bet the girl sitting next to you in hospital has her down days too......

I'm suffering a bit from just feeling exhausted with everything. I don't think I'm ill, just totally shattered from caring for my dd single handedly since mid August. My dh's work is very very busy from mid Aug until now and he works away a lot. Now that he's embracing family life again (first time since Aug), I'm realising how knackered I am. I think I've been functioning on adrenaline for about the last month! I could do with a holiday, on my own!

I also know that the results from my genetics test are due imminently and that's playing on my mind a bit. A lot, actually. There's a thread about ovarian cancer knocking around and it sounds awful. Shouldn't read that sort of stuff, but strangely drawn to it when I feel like this.

Sorry - I'm rambling on and you're feeling crap. I remember watching a lot of TV when I was having treatment. Have you got any good DVDs?

BlaDeBla Wed 15-Oct-08 20:43:57

I had a similar reaction to the news about Wendy Richard. I'm sure she wouldn't like us to be depressed on her behalf!

I think I have expanders. Are they the ones that they fill with saline? I have a saline-fillable implant which doesn't have enough saline in it because my bangers aren't big enough.

I'm only just beginning to be able to touch my new boob although it still doesn't really feel part of me. My flesh is really lumpy where they took out the muscle and where I have had incisions. Dh said not to worry as at least I'm still here. Kind man!

TheMadHouse Wed 15-Oct-08 20:54:03

Ladies you are all an inspiration to me and I have to say that you are allowed your down days. God sometimes I think that in your positions I would have down weeks.

I need to have the expander to stretch my muscle to allow for larger impants . Otherwise I would be tiny breasted and it would not be worth the operation.

Ovarian cancer is a scary one alright - one aunt died from it the other is in remission from peritoneal cancer (she had already had her ovaries removed) and another one died from it we think. I am not an old lady with no ovaries, so definatly sympathise with those on Zoladex. I look really strange having a hot sweat after walking to school espeically when everyone else is in coats and scarfs grin

You are all wonderful

pigleto Fri 24-Oct-08 14:25:51

I have finished my radiotherapy today grin . I am so pleased it is all over. I am going to have a glass of champagne.

I am shopping for party food. dd is three tomorrow smile

lalaa Sun 26-Oct-08 18:42:07

Fantastic news. Hope the party went well and you have now recovered! grin

BlaDeBla Mon 27-Oct-08 09:18:20

Great news pigleto!!grin.

Well, I feel like a complete plonker. We went to a party on Saturday and when we got home, I got out of the taxi and lost my footing and landed straight on my face. I have an impressive black eye and my hand is puffy because I bashed it too. I feel as though I have been in a fight, but there was only me in itshock

pigleto Thu 30-Oct-08 13:09:29

Was it a good party Bla? Sounds painful.

Dd loved her party. She wants another birthday next week. Her favorite present was a fluffy highland cow called Hamish which is now her constant companion.

We have been baking gingerbread pumpkins today. With boiled sweets melted into the eyes. I haven't tried it before but it has worked marvellously. Very spooky.

TheMadHouse Mon 03-Nov-08 08:58:49

Just wanted to say well done Pigleto and I hope that you make the right decision for you HuffPuff.

My cousin is healing well done after her reconstruction.

Hope everyone is well

pigleto Wed 12-Nov-08 13:56:35

Has anyone heard from Huffpuff?

lalaa Wed 12-Nov-08 18:57:01

nope - sorry. will keep an eye out.

how are you?

TheMadHouse Wed 12-Nov-08 19:07:40

The last message was that she was scheduled for a mastectomy on 26 November sad

Hope everyone else is OK. Pigleto Are you managing the zoladex OK now?

BlaDeBla Thu 13-Nov-08 09:12:16

Hello all. It's now just over a year since my operation and thankfully I am now more able to accept my new boob as a part of me. I can't really understand why people have plastic surgery for fun.

huffpuff Thu 13-Nov-08 13:33:34

Hi all - sorry not posted for a while but things have been a bit mad....

I am booked in to have a mastectomy on 26 Nov together with total lymph node clearance.

After the lumpectomy there were still pre-invasive cells lurking about. It made the decision for me as i was in two minds about whether to ask for mastectomy regardless.

DD's 6th Birthday just after op so i really hope i am feeling semi normal by then!!

Thanks for all your help and support

Hope you are all well


TheMadHouse Thu 13-Nov-08 16:55:21

Bla - that is really good news regarding your boob.

Huffpuff welcome back. Sorry about the news, but I can understand the preference for mastectomy, espeically as I am have a double one grin I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

BlaDeBla Thu 13-Nov-08 18:13:45

It's a shock to hear about these things, huffpuff. I hope you are feeling ok.

When I was in my writing group we were talking about plastic surgery and I was asked if I'd had a boob job. I said yes, I had a rubber boob, and suddenly felt as though I had given TMI.

Are you having immediate reconstruction, huffpuff?

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