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mad about my dad's treatment

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southeastastra Fri 03-Oct-08 21:32:32

he had a hernia op today, which has been cancelled twice.

he called on wednesday night and they said he was booked in for friday but couldn't say am or pm.

so he went at 7 this morning (not a nearby hospital). they said he was booked in for the afternoon. he comes home, then goes back.

they finally do the op at 4pm. he can be collected at 8. they won't let him go until he wees! (poor thing)

so they finally have let him go home at 9pm. am awaiting his arrival home.

shouldn't they have kept him in?

Mercy Fri 03-Oct-08 21:39:46

I would have thought he should be kept in. Did he have a general anaesthetic?

How old is your dad?

southeastastra Fri 03-Oct-08 21:40:44

he is 78 and had a general

Mercy Fri 03-Oct-08 21:45:36

That's not acceptable (in my non-medical opinion) in view of his age and the fact he had a general

How does he seem? Was he given any post op advice?

southeastastra Fri 03-Oct-08 21:48:04

i don't know because we're still waiting for him to come home (i live two doors from him). thanks for listening to me mercy i'm so mad

tissy Fri 03-Oct-08 21:54:23

if it was a day surgery unit, then this is standard (but they should have had an idea whether it would be morning or afternoon).

If he had a pre-op assessment, they would have made sure that he had transport home, and that he would have company overnight.

They can give a very light GA combined with local anaesthetic, so it is quite safe to go home 4 hours later.

I'm sure he would rather be at home than in a noisy hospital ward.

Mercy Fri 03-Oct-08 22:00:35

Tissy thanks for that, it's always good to have insder information.

Let's hope he is home now

southeastastra Fri 03-Oct-08 22:59:06

thanks, he's home now all ok

lilymolly Fri 03-Oct-08 23:01:07

oh I answered on your previous thread the other day when his op was cancelled.

Sounds pretty normal esp if it was day case- and he would have been assessed by an anaesthatist before he was discharged

Did he want to come home or not?

southeastastra Fri 03-Oct-08 23:05:16

yes he wanted to come home. i really didn't realise day cases could go on for so long.

he thought the reason for the cancellation last thursday was for a private patient

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