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Period - Please I am worried is this normal? - TMI

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feeble Fri 03-Oct-08 20:03:37

I have just started my first post coil period and I have had big lumps in it - is this normal never had anything else like this before and I am worried?

bubbles4 Fri 03-Oct-08 20:44:37

never had a coil but i would suspect the big lumps are clots and isnt the coil supposed to cause heavier periods.I once went to the gp after constant bleeding for three weeks plus clots and i was on the contraceptive injection and he just looked at me and said sounds normal to me.If your worried give nhs direct a ring and see if you can have a chat with one of the nurses.

MrsJamesMartin Fri 03-Oct-08 20:51:17

Yes its normal to have heavier more clotty bleeds with the coil in.

googgly Fri 03-Oct-08 21:16:27

Bit of a hijack, but I have a coil, and seem to be getting in-between bleeds - not very heavy but browny/bloody discharge at times during the cycle. Is this normal??

beanieb Fri 03-Oct-08 21:20:56

Clots happen when the flow is so quick and heavy that the body can't produce enough of the clotting agent. Could be because of the coil, though I know nothing about coils. I get qiite big clots sometimes, like large pieces of liver, and I am fine and have read it's normal but if you are worried about the coil maybe go back to see the doc?

feeble Sat 04-Oct-08 19:24:17

I have just had it removed (sorry if that wasn't clear) I didn't really get periods at all when I had it in so perhaps its because I havent had a proper peiod for erm... 4 years (only had the coil for 2 but with pregnancy and bf...)

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