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Sinus Operation-Post -Op Help

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whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 19:59:23

My Step-Mother had an operation on her sinuses last week.She (of course) has sounded terrible but hass suffered such sever bleeding she was re-admitted over a week later.

She can't sleep lying down and manages little even if sitting up.

She sounds so awful I really feel for her so I wondered if anyone had had a sinus op and could offer any advice?

She was discharged yesterday following a big bleed but has started bleeding a lot again today.

Does anyone have a natural remedy for clotting?

Any advice at all-she sounds so miserable and I so want to help her.

southeastastra Fri 03-Oct-08 20:00:14

oh blimey wish i hadn't read this, am awaiting sinus op

Earthymama Fri 03-Oct-08 20:01:38

sorry no advice...but wondering how you qualify as have constant infections?

southeastastra Fri 03-Oct-08 20:07:23

insist your gp refers you to your local ent consultant earthy.

can your mil not call the consultant and ask his advice whooosh sounds awful. what sort of sinus op did she have?

whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 20:10:44

Not totally sure but has had mega bouts of sinusitis over the years and has really suffered.
I know it involved chipping bone<vomit emoticon> and I think a general "scraping"<another vomit emoticon> of her sinuses.
She knew it wouldn't be pleasant but I really do feel for her.She also suffer from migraines and I think this op has triggered more......

southeastastra Fri 03-Oct-08 20:23:10

poor her, sounds awful, i have to have the same really though i would call doctor tomorrow for her

whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 20:25:51

I gather the consultant has just told her to rest and it will get better sad
Really hoping someone will have some advice-thanks for keeping this bumpedwink

southeastastra Fri 03-Oct-08 20:26:35

sorry am self absorbed with my nose atm

whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 20:30:23

Fortunately I am very lucky in that department (one of the few grin) but have seen the awful effects.
Do you have a date for your op SEA?

ProfYaffle Fri 03-Oct-08 20:40:09

My dh has had an op recently, not strictly sinus but was a brain tumour which has re-grown at the top of his sinus, his op was partly by craniotomy and partly by ent surgeon through his nose to top of sinus.

After this op (and the previous biopsy) he had no symptoms like your mil, not the tiniest dribble of blood or anything from his nose, was completely fine. (hope this helps sea!)

Doesn't sound right to me, I'd ring the ward and get some advice.

whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 20:57:49

Glad to hear DH is doing so well prof-and lovely for SEA....

ProfYaffle Fri 03-Oct-08 21:01:50

Hope your mil is ok wooosh smile

whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 22:04:41

I do too....just wish I had some more advice for her or even stories with a a happy ending

whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 22:41:55

She has just been ruched in again to Addenbrookes-10 days post-op with severe bleeding.......ANY advice????

whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 22:53:36


southeastastra Fri 03-Oct-08 23:01:16

bump for whoosh

whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 23:09:18

Thank youwink

She is stuck in casualty,bleeding like astuck-pig and I would ove to give her some wise MN advice.

ronshar Fri 03-Oct-08 23:14:22

I had same op last summer.
It was supposed to be day surgery but I ended up staying in as low BP, severe pain and a little bleeding.

I was in bed unable to do much for 5-6 days. If I lay flat I could feel the pressure loads. After about 8 days I was almost normal and 15 days after op I flew to France.
No trouble since with sinus infections but I do have a whistle sound when breathing in if I am a bit blocked upsmile.Which is nicehmm

It is really quite normal to bleed after op but not for this long.
Did your MIL have trouble with nose bleeds before or high BP or a platelet problem?
It sounds like they need to re-cauterise the site where they removed the bone or just have a look in case they have nicked a vien inside the nasal cavity.

I hope they get it sorted out for your MIL as once it is finished it is wonderful. No more painful head and face!

HTH a little.

whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 23:19:04

Thanks Ronshar-when she was re-admitted (6 days post-op due to excessive bleeding) I would have assumed they would re-cauterisze.It seems they just packed it and gave her IV anti-biotics.She was only released this morning and back in again tonight [frustrated emoticon] She is not a born fusser so Iknow itmust be bad.

So glad you recovered so weel-means once the bleeding is under control she should be up,up and away!

ronshar Fri 03-Oct-08 23:23:44

I would have to assume they would want to have a good look to see exactly why she is bleeding and more importantly where from. Is the ENT doctor on call? If not I would insist that they call one in to see your MIL. It is Friday, there should be one to deal with all the broken noses in A&Esmile.

May I ask how old she is because they may well be doing her a little dis service if she is older. Although the older you are the more prone to bleeding you become.

whooosh Fri 03-Oct-08 23:41:17

She is in her 50's and at least my Dad (grumpy,assertive f*cker) is with her but she seemed to be so fobbed of so far,I was hoping for some Mumsnet Magic.......

ronshar Sat 04-Oct-08 10:50:19

Sorry I kept calling your step mother your MIL!
How is she this morning? I would def be pushing hard to see the ENT Consultant or at the very least the Registrar. Do not just let them pack it and send her home again. Your step mother is too young to keep being sent home and fingers crossed!!

I would demand a CT Scan. At the very least. There should be a scan to compare with as it is normal practice to CT Scan for sinus problems.

I hope she is being treated well this time.

southeastastra Sat 04-Oct-08 10:50:29

how is she now? any news

whooosh Sat 04-Oct-08 11:21:29

Just had a text from her saying she won't know what the plan is (poss further surgery) until the consultant appears.They can't tell her whether that will be today,tomorrow or Monday!

whooosh Sat 04-Oct-08 11:32:38

LAtest update i sthye think she has an infected haematoma so they may need to "take flap back in nostrils,clean out and pack" say sher text.
This would seem to make sense as she bleeds every couple of hours when the haematoma has a chance to re-fill.

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