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Flea bites? or just spots?

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emblestrembles Fri 03-Oct-08 17:17:20

Anyone got any experience of these?

My 2 kids have got spots on random parts of their bodies. On both they appear in singles generally on legs or arms though on the body too.

The spots when I have seen them 1st tend to appear with a white head on them. Then they scab over and take a few days to go.

They don't appear itchy.

My husband and I are not affected.

Our cat - I am ashamed to say - is not treated very often - though she had her jabs recently - a few months ago and didn't have evidence of fleas then. I haven't seen any in their bedding or mattresses.

Just about to do a massive cleaning sesh and hoover mattresses etc, but not entirely sure these are from fleas.

Any help grateful.

rosealbie Fri 03-Oct-08 17:19:36

My dd has molluscum on her torso and around inner elbows. They have a white, blistery appearance and can scab over if scratched. Some can be quite large though so not sure if it sounds the same or not. Just a thought.

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