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how painful is tendonitis?

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hatwoman Fri 03-Oct-08 14:52:32

coz I'm not a wuss (I've had two children, ffs, one without pain relief) and it's excruciating. I'm stunned that you can have this much pain and the doc to say no more than take some anti-inflammatories and rest it. If I had fallen on it I would assume it was broken and would be going to a and e. it's been nearly a week. and I'm sick of it. is it going to stop?

Dragonbutter Fri 03-Oct-08 14:53:28

where is the tendonitis?

hatwoman Fri 03-Oct-08 14:54:12


Dragonbutter Fri 03-Oct-08 14:55:41

i'd go see a physio. they may be able to do some ultrasound and strap it up so you rest it properly.

hatwoman Fri 03-Oct-08 14:58:07

doc seemed to think rest was the only thing and physio wouldn't do much. if it's still like this on monday i'm going back. might also call a physio friend and ask him what he thinks

Dragonbutter Fri 03-Oct-08 15:01:15

definitely get advice from your friend.
he'll probably know more about tendonitis than the doc.
do you know how the injury happened?

hatwoman Fri 03-Oct-08 17:08:43

preparing food for 30 people! peeling and chopping veg and, I think the worst bit, was squeezing lemons...

morgansauntie Fri 03-Oct-08 19:02:18

Hi, my first thought when I read the title of your thread was 'bloody painful if its in the hand' and it take alot to make me swear. I have now had a similar problem for 8 weeks so you really do have my heartfelt sympathy. One minute its ok then the slightest movement causes unbearable pain. I've had painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets + gel and worn a splint to little affect so how I've got an appointment with a rheumatologist on the 30th of this month because my GP'S not sure if its De Quervains tendinitis or osteoarthritis as I have this in other joints already. My pain/tenderness is from the base of my thumb then down the side of my wrist.

I think I have a pretty high pain threshold (I have a chronic problem with my lower back) but as you say the pain from this is excruciating at times.

I'm battling on bravely with the typing as I'm trying to get through the last couple of weeks of my current OU course.

I really do wish you a speedy recovery, fingers crossed that physio will help.

(I'm also having problems with my internet connection which isn't helping my mood or language!)

lulalullabye Fri 03-Oct-08 19:17:14

I had tendonitis recurrently in my foot and the only thing that got rid of the pain was a steroid injection into the tendon. sounds painful but compared to the constant pain you have now maybe worth it ?

morgansauntie Fri 03-Oct-08 19:34:07

Last week I saw one of the GP'S at my surgery in the hope he would give me a steroid injection in my wrist but he was very honest and said he didn't feel comfortable doing it as he wasn't sure if it was the tendon or osteoarthritis hence the return visit to the rheumatologist. I must admit the thought of a few more weeks of pain has left me feeling pretty down.

hippipotami Fri 03-Oct-08 19:44:02

Absolute agony - you have my sympathy. I have suffered from what the physio termed plantar fascitis but the gp called tendonitis in my foot ever since overdoing the training for a charity half marathon walk in April. I still cannot walk without limping and am in agony if I easy up on the ibuleve gel. My only option now is steroid injections but am crap with needles...

smartiejake Fri 03-Oct-08 19:50:20

I regularly get tendonitis in the wrists and agree it is agony.

I use a special brace with magnets in for a few days when it flares up and it really seems to help. (Think I got it from somewhere like Bettaware or CLeen-eze) Ibrofen gel also helps.

hatwoman Fri 03-Oct-08 20:40:12

well at least I'm not being a whinge-bag! it's quite creaky too. which I find horrid in a nails on a black board type way.

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