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Suggestions for immune system boosters please

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sophy Tue 01-Mar-05 18:15:06

I'm asthmatic and at least once a year I get a cold which turns into a nasty chest infection, makes me feel really grim and needs antibiotics to clear it. Well am now on second bout this winter and desperate. How can I avoid catching colds in the future? Already take 1000mg vitamin C plus zinc plus multivitamin throughout the cold season, eat healthy diet with lots of organic fruit and veg, have tried echinacea but it didn't work for me. Anybody got any alternative remedies they can recommend to help my immune system please, please, please.

stitch Tue 01-Mar-05 18:37:30

well, you are already doing most of the things i was going to suggest.
sunflower seeds are supposed to have many of the same things as fish oils, and apparently help lots. also tasty. just a handful, or less a day.

also, almonds are supposed to help immunity. personally prefer them toasted, but better if not. seven almonds a day is what i was reccomended.. unfortunately i love them so much, scoffed the lot i had bought in two days.

i would be interested n anything anyone can suggest as i also always seem to have a cold.

MummytoSteven Tue 01-Mar-05 18:41:49

garlic tablets - meant to ward off colds?

stitch Tue 01-Mar-05 18:43:26

whats the difference between taking garlic as a tablet, and putting lots in your food?
i ask, because i love garlic, and never cook anything without it. but still always have a cold.

stitch Tue 01-Mar-05 18:44:31

i mean, does cooking kill off whatever the good part of it is, and is it better to take the stuff raw. also i ask as i am stingy and think the tabs are more expensive than the actual garlic.

sophy Tue 01-Mar-05 21:20:25

Thanks for those ideas stitch and mummytosteven-- already eat sunflower seeds in my morning muesli though, and snack on almonds intermittently! Eat lots of garlic too but haven't tried the tablets so I guess that's worth a go. Was wondering if anyone has any experience of homeopathy or acupuncture or other alternative remedies for boosting immune systems.

80sMum Tue 01-Mar-05 21:42:49

How about echinacea?

bambi06 Tue 01-Mar-05 21:47:52

what about lactobifidus powder to boost the good flora to start with especially as you`ve been taking antibiotics ..i give it to my daughter plus i`m going to take her to the homeopath to boost her immune system as she`s getting so many colds of course sugar is a killer .

snafu Tue 01-Mar-05 21:48:35

blueberries - a big handful of 'em every day

melli Tue 01-Mar-05 21:49:15

ginger and cayenne pepper are good immunity boosters.make your own fresh oj too if you feel a cold coming on.

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