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Following on from my eczema queries, what do you do about hair-washing?

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Cadelaide Thu 02-Oct-08 14:39:25

DS has quite long hair and it could do with a wash, has anyone had good results with a particular shampoo? I really don't want to kick-off the eczema (all over his trunk) that today seems just about under control.

gigglewitch Fri 03-Oct-08 00:12:02

we use halos n horns stuff with our dc who also have eczema
there are no nasties in it and it just seems to do the job - we use the orangey hair and body wash, and for dd with longer hair the melon shampoo/conditioner. like you, we have the eczema just about under control, what a blardy mare it is!

If he is ok with vaseline it may help to put a bit on him as a barrier before going in the bath if you end up using any shampoo or products that he reacts to?

Cadelaide Fri 03-Oct-08 14:06:33

Aha, yes, vaseline. Good idea.
Thanks gigglewitch.

madlentileater Fri 03-Oct-08 14:07:59

DD had one prescribed by GP, can't remember the name but it was 'tarry' (like vosene) was fine.

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