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Poor little ds has some sort of cyst on his bum

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dinny Mon 28-Feb-05 18:46:58

I'm so worried. He had very bad red nappy rash around his bottom (the actual "hole") for a few days and then this morning I noticed a round-ish swelling/lump. Took him to hv who got doctor in and she's sarted him on antibiotics and said if it gets bigger/bursts or he gets a temp I have to take him to paed a&e. I'm so scared. Anyone ever heard of anything like this? How long do antibiotics take to kick in? It's causing considerable pain too. He is 6 months, btw.

KateandtheGirls Mon 28-Feb-05 18:50:44

My daughter used to get these often and her doctor thought it was a staph infection . It never really went away until she was out of nappies, but they only became infected a couple of times, and in those cases antibiotics worked pretty quickly.

dinny Mon 28-Feb-05 18:56:05

He is in such pain when he poos (and he poos so often). Thanks for your reply, Kateandthegirls. I am so stressed out.

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