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no nhs number

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lilyplant Sat 27-Sep-08 16:33:12

is it normal after a home birth to not be given a NHS number for your number

lilyplant Sat 27-Sep-08 16:33:45

sorry meant to say normal not to get one foryour baby!

LadyOfWaffle Sat 27-Sep-08 16:34:48

Do you have a white book? It's usually on there. Do you get a birth print out either? On there too... but am guessing you've checked these places if you have them?

lilyplant Sat 27-Sep-08 16:38:11

do you mean red book?

Not in there, or on discharge record,

think its due to moving house when pregnant and not registered with GP at time of birth

lilyplant Sat 27-Sep-08 17:18:00

wondering how to register gp without one

LadyOfWaffle Sat 27-Sep-08 17:48:56

DSs is on our discharge form - what you register the birth with. Hosp. will give it to you otherwise.

lilyplant Sat 27-Sep-08 18:32:04

its not on there, i think hospital only give it you if baby born there

LadyOfWaffle Sat 27-Sep-08 18:42:32

O. Ask GP, may be on their system. Or ring hosp.

littleducks Sat 27-Sep-08 18:51:51

It is on a sheet given to you when you register the babys birth that you then give to your gp.

littleducks Sat 27-Sep-08 18:52:36

by the registrar at town hall or such

OhWellNeverMind Sat 27-Sep-08 19:08:00

You don't get a NHS number even if you give birth ina hospital.

IIRC you get a form when you register the birth which you then take with you to GPs at or before 6 week check (pref before so you get teh info on jabs before they are due).

They then send it off to local meidical records place and you get a number and card back at that point.

OhWellNeverMind Sat 27-Sep-08 19:09:03

You get a baby number of you give birth in hospital. But that is different to the NHS number - and is for identificati0on only. Not necessary if you have had a home birth.

lilyplant Sat 27-Sep-08 20:06:23

the last few years they have been giving NHS numbers at birth, if baby born in hospital, if home birth, health authority give number as soon as birth notified to them within 36 hours they have to be notified i think. The regsitrar asked me for the nhs number they didnt know it, is not on form they gave me

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