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aarggghhhh! When I blow my nose it feels like bogey is coming out of my eyeball!!!

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littlelamb Sat 27-Sep-08 00:22:09

hmm Sorry for title but it says it all. Not very nice. I have a stinking cold and all day when I have been blowing my nose it feels like bogey (sorry) is coming out of the corner of my eye by the tearduct. I have just looked in the mirror and it looks like there is pus of something (again, sorry) behind the eyeball, but not actually coming out, just maybe swelling when I blow (what a charming post this is turning out to be.) I am not going to google because god only knows what eyeball bogey will bring up so can anyone help me? I feel like I have something on my eyeball but there's nothing there and along with my cold its made for a very bad day! ANyone have any wisdom for a manky old bird?

BoysAreLikeDogs Sat 27-Sep-08 00:26:08

Your tear ducts are connected to your nose and nasal passages so yes, snotty eyes are not uncommon.


twilightzonerwitch Sat 27-Sep-08 00:26:31

i get huge waterfall style tears running out of my right eye when i blow my nose [complete with contact lens one time last weekshock ] but fortunately not Bogey. Will keep bumping and noseying <scuse pun> to see if any words of wisdom arrive

emma1977 Sat 27-Sep-08 11:22:03

Sounds like a case of the eyebogeys to me.

Your lacrimal ducts drain tears your nasal passages- therefore, the whole lot are connected. If you end up with a really gunky blocked nose, then some of it can back up into your lacrimal ducts and, hey presto, eyebogeys!

I suggest that you inhale steam (with a bit a olbas oil/vick in it) a couple of times/day. Every minute or so during steaming, stop and massage your lacrimal ducts (using in inward sweeping motion, gently rub from the inner corner of your eye down towards the side of your nose). It may help clear the blockage.

If your eye starts to become red, watery or painful you may have conjunctivitis and I suggest you seee your GP or by treatment over the counter.

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