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Im feeling so fed up at the moment.

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charlotte121 Fri 26-Sep-08 22:13:50

I had glandular fever this time 2 years ago and now I think it is coming back. I have constant headaches, swolen glands, no energy, sore throats, I ache all over and its making me feel really depressed. I feel really angry too.
I finally have a chance to get down and concentrate at uni because I am not going to have a baby this year (which I have done the previous 2 years) and now Im feeling rotten. I have a long commute to uni and its an important year for me, I really need to get a good grade this year to ensure I get a decent job. Last time I had glandular fever it effected my liver and I spent quite a bit of time in hospital. Im worried too, I didnt have kids then. Im a single mum, what do I do with the kids if i end up in hospital again? It put my degree in jepourdy too. reallly tired of it. I just want to feel better.

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