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Blood on toilet tissue but don't know from where - can stitches bleed after 5 weeks?

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LadyOfWaffle Thu 25-Sep-08 22:08:05

Just been to the loo and saw bright red fresh blood on the tissue, not at all like a period but like it was from a wound... can stitches come apart after this long? Does it matter enough to call whoever you would call anyway?

peanutbutterjelly Thu 25-Sep-08 22:11:27

i take it, you've just had a baby. yes, this may happen. I had it, after I had my lo. Its sometimes the leftover bits coming out. or some women have their period early. as long as it's not continuous red blood bleeding, like when you cut your finger deeply. If so, I would go see the doctor

SqueakyPop Thu 25-Sep-08 22:12:21

Could be AF at this time, even if rtc bf

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 25-Sep-08 22:16:54

Message withdrawn

missingtheaction Thu 25-Sep-08 22:23:27

depends how much blood - a worrying amount or just a little bit? also worth working out if it is from your fanjo or elsewhere.

MadamAnt Thu 25-Sep-08 22:27:42

I had a spare flappy bit (approx 1 cm) after a 2nd degree episiotomy/tear that kept bleeding when I wiped after going to the loo (this was several months after the birth).

I saw a GP about it, and she said it was basically like a polyp - a soft blob of nerveless tissue - and she thought she could pull it off with tongs shock She did it right there and then! No painkillers but I couldn't even feel it. She the cauterised it with silver nitrate.

Wonder if yours is similar?

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