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Got spots all over my chin - not major in big scheme but really winding me up!

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ChirpyGirl Thu 25-Sep-08 19:38:39

Since my periods started last monht (3 and a half years since my last one) I have broken out in big xits all over my chin. I have never had spots like this and am at a loss what to do, they are scabbing and red and gross.
I wash face, don't wear makeup but they are still coming! ANy advice on products woudl be good!

SmallShips Thu 25-Sep-08 19:51:09

No advice with products (nothing worked for me), but after giving birth both times, for the 6 months-ish after, i got the same. Very annoying.

I suppose it could be your cycle and hormones regulating if you havent had a period in 3 years. Thats what i put mine down to and it eventually went.

Not much help really was i?! Sorry !

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