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cutekids Thu 25-Sep-08 01:34:41

Ok,i've got a niggle in my wisdom tooth.
i've got this from time to time for the last 20 years....!
a couple of years ago, i had to have it cleaned out..yuck!-because food was getting embedded and it was causing alot of pain.
Sunday,I had steak and I've obviously aggravated something underlying.
I made an appointment to see the Dentist but then all day i've been more or less ok...apart from when I chew!
Anyway,i vaguely remember my dentist telling me last time that they don't "treat" unless the whole face swells up.Although i'm getting a bit of pain now,am I wasting my time going to the Dentist?...I'm in Denplan so i'm not paying anything over the odds...I also have a check-up booked for next Wednesday anyway. What should I do?

BlessThisMess Thu 25-Sep-08 10:05:43

I'm not a dentist, but I can just give you my experience. Is the pain in the gum around the tooth? When I get that, I dab it with tea tree oil. It's absolutely disgusting, but it works. It has saved me from having to have antibiotics many times over the years.

Marne Thu 25-Sep-08 10:09:21

is it a top or bottom wisdom tooth?

If its the top i would ask for it to be removed, the top ones come out realy easily, if its a bottom one maybe try the tea tree grin

Im not a dentist but i have had one of my wisom teeth out after suffering for a while.

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