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Worm relief - any suggestions?

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Utka Wed 24-Sep-08 23:13:07

Am pretty sure that dd2 has worms. Have given Ovex today, and have found all the other advice on threads here very useful, but dd is finding it impossible to sleep. Have resorted to nurofen to try to ease things, but this isn't helping. She's been awake for the last 4 nights from shortly after bedtime through to about 1am, and both of us are on our knees. Any suggestions as to anything else that will help ease the itching.

Interesting that most of the threads about worms seem to involve children in their first few weeks of school. Do they wait until this point in the calendar?! (The worms, I mean).

fakeblonde Thu 25-Sep-08 00:16:03

Bath ?
Poor dd.

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