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Confusion in older people - possible dementia/altzheimers/stroke? - advice wanted

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hockeypuck Wed 24-Sep-08 14:00:28

Have just found out that my dad (who is 73 and had a stroke 11 years ago) has had quite a serious bout of confusion. When it is day he thinks it is night time and vice versa.

He has been going downhill a lot lately with various things, weakness caused by his stroke, losing words, typing illegibly and writing worse etc. He stopped talking to my mum a few weeks ago unless he absolutely has to. But this sudden confusion is quite extreme.

Does anyone have any experience of altzheimers/dementia or anything that might be causing this. What can we expect next?

Thank in advance

nailpolish Wed 24-Sep-08 14:05:22

have you spoken to your gp about this? he may want to rule out other things such as infection

has he possibly had a further stroke? esp if he is physiclly weaker. dementia there are no physical symptoms.

also the writing thing

but confusion and not speaking to family sounds like dementia

does he have moments when he remembers what he has done?

your poor dad. it must be heartbreaking for all of you xx

Marina Wed 24-Sep-08 14:07:57

Agree that another stroke is a distinct possibility, hockeypuck. Aside from Alzheimers there is also a condition called multiple infarct dementia, where a series of micro-strokes affects the same areas of the brain, leading to memory loss, confusion etc
I am so sorry. Is your mum able to get him to the GP as a matter of urgency?

bossykate Wed 24-Sep-08 14:09:12

you must get an infection ruled out first! this is really important! old people can get very confused when they have an infection.

once you have ruled that out or treated it, then your gp will need to refer your father to a geriatrician for an assessment.

further steps depend on what the outcome is.

this must be so worrying for you all.

hockeypuck Wed 24-Sep-08 16:41:09

Thank you so much for your replie. I'll definitely press my mum to take him to the GP. I hadn't even considered an infection. The micro stroke thing sounds like a possibility too because imo I think he has had several little strokes in the last few years that have been undiagnosed.

Thank you and I'll definitely get on to the GP now.

nightcat Wed 24-Sep-08 19:56:12

urine infection can cause sudden confusion in elderly and they don't always have temperature with it

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