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What are calcium deposits?

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ImnotMamaGbutsheLovesMe Tue 23-Sep-08 19:49:11

In the breast and are they serious?

RhinestoneCowgirl Tue 23-Sep-08 19:55:16

My mum is going through this at the moment - she had a routine mammogram which picked up calcification in her breast tissue. She had more tests and a biopsy, and in her case they have picked up pre-cancerous cells and she needs surgery to remove a small amount of tissue.

Here's what the NHS Direct site says...

"However, if you have calcification, it does not mean that you have cancer, and you will need further tests to confirm a diagnosis."

So it maybe something, it may be nothing, but needs to be checked out.

ImnotMamaGbutsheLovesMe Tue 23-Sep-08 20:29:43

Thank you and I hope your Mum is okay.

There is another appointment next week and they are saying it is precautionary.

RhinestoneCowgirl Tue 23-Sep-08 20:36:37

Hope tests go well for you too.

From talking to my mum this is really really early stages, kind of like having pre-cancerous cells at a smear test.

ImnotMamaGbutsheLovesMe Tue 23-Sep-08 21:10:03

It is my MIL btw.

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