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Think I have some sort of a prolapse, but its seems to be bladder?

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morelikeafallin Tue 23-Sep-08 09:25:37

I have changed my name for this one wink

I am 7 weeks post-natal, and last night i had a feel around inside, just to see if all was well.

I think I have found that all is not well!

Inside is kind of blocked, and had to push it away to get inside. It is at the front wall of my vagina though. No pain at all, and this was baby #5 and was my second cs.

What the hell is wrong with my vagina?

It feels like the front side wall has fell in! shock Can it just fall in?

bozza Tue 23-Sep-08 09:28:06

Yes it is a weakness in the muscles. This is called an anterior prolapse. My GP told me I have a slight one.

morelikeafallin Tue 23-Sep-08 09:37:12

What advice did they give you?

bozza Tue 23-Sep-08 13:56:39

The usual - pelvic floor exercises... Yours might be worse though or you might have a more pro-active doctor - would do no harm to get an appt.

Divvy Tue 23-Sep-08 14:22:58

Can it be fixed by doing the exercises?

Divvy Tue 23-Sep-08 14:23:20


Pria Tue 23-Sep-08 14:30:33

I had a prolapse after DS was told to up the pelvic floor - did absolutly nothing for me but worth a try hmm

Can be helped with those cup thingys that you have to hold up inside to improve muscles. Though a bit early days for that by the sounds of things.

I ended up having a vaginal repair. So if worse comes to the worse you get a new designer vagina!

Divvy Tue 23-Sep-08 18:58:31

Does that hurt?

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