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ds 16 momths vomiting again, second time in six weeks

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Heathcliffscathy Sat 26-Feb-05 20:20:57

and i'm totally berating myself as figure i must have poor hygeine standards, which dh says is nonsense as he picks stuff off the floor in the park type thing (obviously we try to intercept before said thing goes in mouth).

so i guess i'm posting to get reassurance that toddlers do do puking or to be gently told that i need to be more hygeinic than i am as two incidences of puking within six weeks is too much of a co-incidence (sorry about spelling but cant be arsed as am depressed)

which is silly really.

so feel free to ignore me

hercules Sat 26-Feb-05 20:24:10

just changed mine and dd's clothes due to puke.

Heathcliffscathy Sat 26-Feb-05 20:25:22

it's f-ing depressing isn't it herc

Surfermum Sat 26-Feb-05 20:52:48

I can't answer your question Soph, but there are lots of bugs around at the moment. DD has just got over a sickness bug and I have never done so much washing in all my life. I had it too, but just feeling sick, not actual puking. That was a week I would not like repeated so I feel for you having a second bout so soon and I'm sending you some cyber hugs!

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