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wasp sting

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Clure Mon 22-Sep-08 19:26:58

Anyone know how best to treat wasp sting? Got stung 3 days ago and its itching like mad

girliefriend Mon 22-Sep-08 19:47:38

lavender oil - my friend swears by it for all stings!

avenanap Mon 22-Sep-08 19:49:40


expatinscotland Mon 22-Sep-08 19:50:19

another vote for lavender oil

noonki Mon 22-Sep-08 19:56:53

Vinegar here two - and antihistamine cream/pill as sounds like you have an allergy. AS normally they should go away after about 10 mins.

noonki Mon 22-Sep-08 19:57:06

opps too not two

Clure Mon 22-Sep-08 20:12:36

Thanks all. Have just rooted out some lavender oil, tho think its a bit out of date, have slapped some on. May try the vinegar later, mind you don't want to end up smelling like a chip shop!

Donk Mon 22-Sep-08 20:23:03

If it is hot and red, maybe it is infected? I got a lovely case of septicaemia from a wasp with a dirty sting.
Why don't they show some consideration and wash them first eh?!

Clure Mon 22-Sep-08 20:44:29

ooh yes it it hot, red and hard. Isnt this what its supposed to be like?!!

avenanap Mon 22-Sep-08 20:48:06

No. Itching is a sign of either healing or a reaction. Heat/redness and swelling is a sign of infection. You need to see your GP. Is there a red line coming from the site?

Clure Mon 22-Sep-08 20:53:39

its a red patch, in awkward place on my elbow. Think may see if it any better tomorrow and maybe get it checked. Had a reaction to bee sting as a child but not had a wasp sting before.

avenanap Mon 22-Sep-08 20:56:12

I would go and get it checked. It shouldn't be hot or red. I would put some germoline on it if you have some. Check for a red line as this is a sign that any infection is spreading and you will need to get it looked at straight away.

Clure Mon 22-Sep-08 20:57:22

Thanks avenanap will do

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