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Period (possibly TMI - sorry!)

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mrsembarrased Mon 22-Sep-08 16:33:47

Ok so I have name changed for this and also apologise if this is TMI.
My cycle is about 32 days each month, I started on Saturday with tinged discharge and started to bleed 'properly' yesterday.
Each time I have a period I get bad pains but I also find that my toileting habits change.
For instance, this morning I woke up, had a wee - fine but the period pain was so bad I could barely sit still on the loo, I also needed to go for the other but the pains were so bad I couldn't (trying to open my bowels set the period pains off again). It feels like someone is sticking a carving knife up my fanjo but is also in my back passage. I did eventually go after a whole lot of jiggling and some crying. I wasn't constipated, in fact it is always softer than usual when I'm on. I don't have problems the rest of the month. Any ideas, oh wise mumsnet ladies? Thank you if you have got this far and sorry if it was too much to stomach!

divedaisy Mon 22-Sep-08 22:53:25

Mrs - I'd speak to my GP about this if it's regular.

anyfucker Mon 22-Sep-08 22:56:55

ohh sounds horrid

I find I always get an upset stomach (ie. the runs) when I come on but that sounds a bit extreme

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 22-Sep-08 23:00:05

I get this.

It's been suggested that its endometriosis. It sucks. I really do feel for you. Have it right now too. Mooncup is in and I know i've got to change it at some point and I really dont want to. I've nearly passed out in the past becuase of the pain.

I was taking Arthrotec for back pain recently and it almost completely got rid of hte pains. (its diclofenac with misoprostyn).

see your gp.

mrsembarrased Tue 23-Sep-08 08:34:56

Oh great, that wont help me TTC will it! have a gp appointment for something else in a couple of weeks so will mention it then. Thanks all for your help xx

babbi Tue 23-Sep-08 21:16:07

I had these symptoms exactly. Sounds like endometriosis - I actually got so used to it as it got worse progressively over the years - I thought all women couldn`t poo during their periods without appalling pain !
It was a chance remark I made to a group of girls at work during a teabreak that set the ball rolling for me. They were horrified at the pain I was describing and urged me to see my GP . After treatment from a specialist I am now well.

Ps as for ttc, I am now a very proud mummy - also found labour a piece of cake and I am sure it was down to being accustomed to pain down below !!

Good luck

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