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raging hormones- any ideas how to deal with them?

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gardengirl Sat 26-Feb-05 09:46:09

Dear Mumsnetters

Does anyone else find that their hormones go mad mid-cycle? When I am most likely to get pregnant, I feel so horny I could jump on anything halfway decent in trousers. it only lasts for a few days then subsides. but it's happened ever since I had DD, and maybe because I have hit the big 40 birthday seems to be getting stronger. it's as if my body is saying "there ain't much time left- let's get her pregnant." The obvious solution involving dh is not an option- we separated a while ago, and even before that because the relationship was so bad, our physical relationship was nil. But I still feel married, and even if I didn't it's never been my thing get involved physically unless there's some sort of real connection. So I seem to be stuffed on all counts. Any suggestions- should i just go an find myself a toyboy? (Joke- the fantasy is always better than the reality). But really I'd just like to know if the same thing happens to other people and if it does what do you do about it?

jampots Sat 26-Feb-05 09:47:57

yep same here - dh cant believe his luck then spends the next month wondering where it all went

Snowbell Sat 26-Feb-05 15:21:20

Funny you should mention it! For the last few months I have been feeling exactly the same. I am 43.

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