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Anyone have any idea what my symptoms are?

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teenspirit Sun 21-Sep-08 11:57:45

I'm gonna see gp this week but she will just think I am mad.
Since my daughter was born almost 4 months ago I have had an intermittant feeling in the front of my thighs which is very strange almost like I have exercised to much - there is a dull ache and my legs feel almost nervous(crazy!). It comes and goes throughout the day in intensity but rarely disappears. Now my upper arms are starting to feel the same, my legs have gotten much worse over the last few days and I feel like I'm walking off balance yet I'm not. My extremeties feel weak but they are not.???????? anyone ever had anything similar or am I barking!!! Joking aside I am becoming increasingly distressed. Please answer if you have any thoughts.

KumquatMaye Mon 22-Sep-08 01:31:31

Hi teenspirit, when I was pregnant I had some weakness in my pelvis, and often felt this as an ache in my thighs. I wonder if your symphysis pubis got separated a little during labour or late pregancy?

Hope you feel better soon. An x-ray can diagnose the problem and hopefully your GP could offer physio...

S1ur Mon 22-Sep-08 01:35:38

sorry you are feeling

I wonder f it could be a change in physical exercise or habits.

Like more bending and lifting than ever before making an underlying problem worse.

I have had in past odd feelings in legs due to muscular aches, including shakiness.

No harm in seeing gp and I'm sure they won't hthink you're bonkers!

KumquatMaye Mon 22-Sep-08 11:35:40

Hi teenspirit how are you feeling today???

teenspirit Thu 25-Sep-08 13:14:49

hi been to gp she has taken bloods ck crp esr and fbc but didnt mention anything specific so still clueless!

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