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Allergy to animal hair

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MNVirgin Sun 21-Sep-08 07:53:34

Can anyone help, please...
My DP is very allergic to animal hair - cats, dogs, horses, even hampsters.
He finds it very hard to breath, his nose and eyes start streaming - this occurs sometimes if he is too close to people who keep pets, he doesnt actually have to be near the animal iyswim.
Now, my problem is that my sister has just got a dog and we are all due to go to my Mums on Christmas day - dog included, my sister just wont make other arrangements for it! Nobody seems to understand just how much he suffers - whilst I will ask him to go to the doctors (although he has tried different tablets over the years), can anyone suggest anything else that may help him? I am seriously considering just staying at home.

meebles Sun 21-Sep-08 08:54:12

My DH has the same problem - in fact it's the only time his asthma causes him a problem. We generally resort to anti-histimines (which it sounds like you've tried), inhalers and leaving the house wherever possible!
Maybe you could arrange to visit your sister soon and demonstrate how your DP reacts? She might understand if she sees it first hand iyswim?Of course, I don't expect your DP will be up for that!

littlelamb Sun 21-Sep-08 09:07:50

I have this too. I would say to get some antihistamnes prescribed, but definately try and visit before Christmas to see what kind of reaction he has. Do bear in mind though that his reaction can change on different occasions, there are no guarantees. I have had to stop ging to my goos frioends house because all of a sudden I have started to react very badly to her dog- my whole face puffs up, my lips and eyes get very swollen and its very difficult to breathe. It first happened when I was about 10 and it is a very scary and horrible thing to happen- I was at a friends house and used their phone to call my dad in a complete panic. I think your sister is actually being very mean about it, but it is hard to iomagine some allergies unless you actually suffer them yourself- perhaps tel her that it is a bit mor ethan justa sneeze here and there hmm

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