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bleeding/clots after laparoscopic sterilisation (maybe tmi!)

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scarlettskye Sat 20-Sep-08 18:04:49

Yesterday I had a laparoscopic sterilisation as I needed to be checked for endometriosis so made sense I had it rather than hubby (at the time!)

Lots more pain than I expected and the bleeding has been bright red from the start. all night i was passing clots (size of meatballs - yuk!) and the last one, an hour ago was the size of a tennis ball)

went in to see emergency GP who reassured us that its normal for some people to bleed this heavily and upped my pain relief

pre-kids I was a nurse and I just don't feel this is right? can anyone give me any advice please?
sorry for long post - am a muddled with codeine right now.

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